April 25 – 27, 2025

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Late fees will be added March 25, 2025


Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Airport
1111 Airport Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15231


Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Airport
1111 Airport Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15231
Intrigue Rate: TBA

Convention Rules

Class Schedule


Competition Rules

Competition Schedule

About Our Regional Events



Each level will have 5 classes per day, class start and end times vary per level.


Intrigue offers numerous scholarships in each level at each event. Dancers will be evaluated throughout the weekend and must attend every class to qualify. Scholarships are handed out following the Showcase.

Welcome Show

Qualifying studios attending Intrigue may select students to participate in our Welcome Show. Rehearsals for the Welcome Show are on Friday in a 3 hour block. All True Performers and Apprentices are invited. Studios with at least 10 Attendees may select 1 Teen or Senior dancer, studios with at least 25 Attendees may select 2 Teen or Senior dancers, and studios with at least 50 Attendees may select 3 Teen or Senior dancers. For more information please contact us.


Studios may select up to 2 dancers per age level, as well as all Apprentices and True Performers, to participate in the Showcase. Rehearsal for the Showcase will follow the last class of each day. Red and Black clothing are mandatory for dancers in the show. Showcase is free to watch, bring your friends and family!

*For Micro events, ALL attendees will participate in the Showcase.


Competing Dancers

All dancers must be registered for the convention in order to compete.


All awards will be handed out at the award ceremony following the last entry of the night. In select cities, Mini and Junior Improv will be awarded immediately following their divisions in the Improv Competition.


There are 4 levels in the Improv Competition; Mini, Junior, Teen, & Senior. Dancers may register on location however, we highly recommend registering prior to the event to secure your spot.


Exclusive to young Choreographers ages 13 – 21. Due to staging elements and time awareness for each choreographer, we limit this portion to 5 competitors per city.

Workshop Levels & Fees

Tuition Before 30 Day Deadline
Tuition After 30 Day Deadline
Senior Students (Age:16+)
Teen Students (13-15)
Junior Students (10-12)
Mini Students (6-9)