Orlando Table Test

Orlando #2 2021

1 06:00 PM Solo Junior HOME The Wright Step School of Dance
2 06:03 PM Solo Junior NEAR TO YOU The Wright Step School of Dance
3 06:06 PM Solo Teen SPICING IT UP The Wright Step School of Dance
4 06:09 PM Solo Teen CASTLES The Wright Step School of Dance
6 06:13 PM Solo Teen CHICAGO, IL. The Wright Step School of Dance
7 06:16 PM Solo Teen AFTER YOU'VE GONE The Wright Step School of Dance
8 06:19 PM Solo Senior MIME, NO MORE The Wright Step School of Dance
9 06:22 PM Solo Senior WINTER SONG The Wright Step School of Dance
10 06:26 PM Solo Senior WRONG DIRECTION The Wright Step School of Dance
11 06:29 PM Solo Senior 25 MILES The Wright Step School of Dance
12 06:32 PM Duo/Trio Senior LONG WAY FROM HOME The Wright Step School of Dance
13 06:50 PM Duo/Trio Senior REEL AS IT GETS 5th Dimension Dance Center
14 06:54 PM Solo Junior CALL ME 5th Dimension Dance Center
15 06:57 PM Solo Junior THIS TIME 5th Dimension Dance Center
16 07:00 PM Solo Junior ALL THE KINGS HORSES 5th Dimension Dance Center
17 07:03 PM Solo Junior YOUTH 5th Dimension Dance Center
18 07:07 PM Solo Junior SOON THIS SPACE WILL BE TOO SMALL 5th Dimension Dance Center
19 07:10 PM Solo Junior WONDERWALL 5th Dimension Dance Center
20 07:13 PM Duo/Trio Junior THE MOMENT I SAID IT 5th Dimension Dance Center
21 07:16 PM Duo/Trio Junior I'M IN HERE 5th Dimension Dance Center
22 07:20 PM Duo/Trio Senior I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK 5th Dimension Dance Center
22A 07:23 PM Solo Teen DREAMS 5th Dimension Dance Center
23 07:26 PM Solo Senior NAUGHTY GIRL 5th Dimension Dance Center
24 07:29 PM Solo Senior ALL THAT SHINES IS NOT TRUTH 5th Dimension Dance Center
25 07:33 PM Solo Senior THE SOLILOQUY 5th Dimension Dance Center
26 07:36 PM Solo Senior EXILE 5th Dimension Dance Center
27 07:39 PM Solo Senior TO ALL MY FRIENDS 5th Dimension Dance Center
28 07:42 PM Solo Senior OUR WORLD 5th Dimension Dance Center
29 07:46 PM Solo Senior LILAC WINE 5th Dimension Dance Center
30 07:49 PM Solo Senior COMING HOME 5th Dimension Dance Center
31 07:52 PM Solo Senior END OF LOVE 5th Dimension Dance Center
32 07:55 PM Duo/Trio Teen THE AFTER PARTY 5th Dimension Dance Center
33 07:59 PM Duo/Trio Senior JUNE 5th Dimension Dance Center
34 08:02 PM Duo/Trio Senior THIS IS THE END OF EVERYTHING 5th Dimension Dance Center
35 08:20 PM Solo Junior LATE TOO SOON Dream Contemporary Dance Company
36 08:23 PM Solo Junior SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME Dream Contemporary Dance Company
37 08:27 PM Solo Teen SURRENDER Dream Contemporary Dance Company
38 08:30 PM Solo Teen GROWING PAINS Dream Contemporary Dance Company
39 08:33 PM Solo Teen SO COLD Dream Contemporary Dance Company
40 08:36 PM Solo Senior NOTHING Dream Contemporary Dance Company
41 08:40 PM Duo/Trio Junior MOON RIVER Dream Contemporary Dance Company
42 08:58 PM Solo Teen IF YOU GO AWAY The Academy for the Performing Arts
43 09:01 PM Solo Teen GAMBLE Adagio Dance Company
44 09:04 PM Solo Teen I LIKE IT Adagio Dance Company
45 09:08 PM Solo Teen THE ARCHER Kitty Lee Dance
46 09:11 PM Solo Teen WORRY The Academy for the Performing Arts
47 09:14 PM Solo Teen BREAK YOU TWICE Gretchen Greene School of Dance
48 09:17 PM Solo Teen CRAZY West Florida Dance Center
49 09:21 PM Duo/Trio Teen MANTRA Adagio Dance Company
50 09:24 PM Duo/Trio Teen TINY CITIES The Academy for the Performing Arts
___ 09:27 PM Awards
51 07:00 AM Small Group Mini SUNSHINE Britney Boyd Dance Company
52 07:03 AM Small Group Junior TOY SOLDIER Britney Boyd Dance Company
53 07:06 AM Small Group Teen PERFECT Britney Boyd Dance Company
54 07:09 AM Small Group Teen WITHIN HAVOC Britney Boyd Dance Company
___ 07:13 AM Pause
55 07:18 AM Solo Mini ANOTHER SUMMER Britney Boyd Dance Company
56 07:21 AM Solo Mini SWEET CHILD Britney Boyd Dance Company
57 07:24 AM Large Group Teen PRETTY HURTS Britney Boyd Dance Company
58 07:27 AM Solo Junior SLAY Britney Boyd Dance Company
59 07:31 AM Solo Junior LOOKING AT ME? Britney Boyd Dance Company
60 07:34 AM Solo Junior MY STRONGEST SUIT Britney Boyd Dance Company
61 07:37 AM Solo Junior GOT THAT Britney Boyd Dance Company
62 07:40 AM Small Group Teen A WAY HOME Britney Boyd Dance Company
63 07:44 AM Solo Junior COLD Britney Boyd Dance Company
64 07:47 AM Solo Junior FOR YOU Britney Boyd Dance Company
65 07:50 AM Solo Junior BROKEN FEATHER Britney Boyd Dance Company
66 07:53 AM Solo Junior IN THE MIDST Britney Boyd Dance Company
67 07:57 AM Solo Junior SET SAIL Britney Boyd Dance Company
68 08:00 AM Solo Junior ARRIVAL Britney Boyd Dance Company
69 08:03 AM Line Teen LA LA LAND Britney Boyd Dance Company
___ 08:07 AM Judges Break
70 08:17 AM Large Group Teen WIND IT UP Britney Boyd Dance Company
71 08:21 AM Solo Junior SALVATION Britney Boyd Dance Company
72 08:24 AM Solo Junior GOOD FOR GOODNESS Britney Boyd Dance Company
73 08:27 AM Solo Junior SURVIVE Britney Boyd Dance Company
74 08:30 AM Duo/Trio Junior CARRY YOU Britney Boyd Dance Company
75 08:34 AM Small Group Junior PINK PANTHER Britney Boyd Dance Company
76 08:37 AM Duo/Trio Senior DEPTH OVER DISTANCE Britney Boyd Dance Company
77 08:40 AM Duo/Trio Senior THE DARK Britney Boyd Dance Company
78 08:43 AM Duo/Trio Senior BITS AND PIECES Britney Boyd Dance Company
79 08:47 AM Duo/Trio Senior DON'T BE AFRAID LOVE Britney Boyd Dance Company
80 08:50 AM Duo/Trio Senior MIDNIGHT MISCHIEF Britney Boyd Dance Company
81 08:53 AM Solo Teen GLAM Britney Boyd Dance Company
82 08:56 AM Solo Teen MAKE IT BOUNCE Britney Boyd Dance Company
83 09:00 AM Solo Teen BIRD Britney Boyd Dance Company
84 09:03 AM Solo Teen STRANGE DAYS Britney Boyd Dance Company
___ 09:06 AM Pause
85 09:11 AM Small Group Junior NOTHING LEFT Britney Boyd Dance Company
86 09:14 AM Small Group Senior PAUSE, THEN GO Britney Boyd Dance Company
87 09:18 AM Solo Teen BECOMING Britney Boyd Dance Company
88 09:21 AM Solo Teen UNCERTAINTY Britney Boyd Dance Company
89 09:24 AM Solo Teen BIRDSONG Britney Boyd Dance Company
90 09:27 AM Solo Teen MORE THAN I'D LIKE Britney Boyd Dance Company
91 09:31 AM Small Group Junior IT'S ALRIGHT Britney Boyd Dance Company
92 09:34 AM Small Group Senior BAD BAD THING Britney Boyd Dance Company
93 09:37 AM Solo Teen HOLLAND Britney Boyd Dance Company
94 09:40 AM Solo Teen MY DEAREST Britney Boyd Dance Company
95 09:44 AM Solo Teen DON'T LET ME Britney Boyd Dance Company
96 09:47 AM Solo Teen IN WAVELENGTHS Britney Boyd Dance Company
97 09:50 AM Small Group Junior LEGS Britney Boyd Dance Company
98 09:53 AM Small Group Senior RIVERS AND ROADS Britney Boyd Dance Company
___ 09:57 AM Judges Break
99 10:07 AM Small Group Junior MISSY'S KIDS Britney Boyd Dance Company
100 10:10 AM Small Group Senior SHAKE THE ROOM Britney Boyd Dance Company
101 10:13 AM Solo Senior WAIT FOR YOU Britney Boyd Dance Company
102 10:16 AM Solo Senior ANYWAY Britney Boyd Dance Company
103 10:20 AM Solo Senior JUST ASKING Britney Boyd Dance Company
104 10:23 AM Solo Senior 7 BIRDS Britney Boyd Dance Company
105 10:26 AM Solo Senior SHE Britney Boyd Dance Company
106 10:29 AM Solo Senior NEVER LET ME GO Britney Boyd Dance Company
107 10:33 AM Solo Senior SUMMER Britney Boyd Dance Company
108 10:36 AM Solo Senior NEVER GOODBYE Britney Boyd Dance Company
109 10:39 AM Solo Senior WHEN YOU SAY MY NAME Britney Boyd Dance Company
110 10:42 AM Solo Senior LIMITS Britney Boyd Dance Company
111 10:46 AM Solo Senior THE WAR Britney Boyd Dance Company
112 10:49 AM Solo Senior GRAVEDIGGER Britney Boyd Dance Company
113 10:52 AM Production Junior QUEEN OF THE NIGHT Britney Boyd Dance Company
___ 10:57 AM Judges Break
114 11:07 AM Line Teen GONE Britney Boyd Dance Company
115 11:28 AM Small Group Mini BY YOUR SIDE Dance Universe
116 11:31 AM Small Group Junior ALIGN Dance Universe
117 11:34 AM Small Group Teen STEAM HEAT Dance Universe
118 11:37 AM Small Group Teen SWEET DREAMS Dance Universe
___ 11:41 AM Pause
119 11:46 AM Large Group Junior ZERO TO HERO Dance Universe
120 11:49 AM Small Group Junior SNOWING Dance Universe
121 11:52 AM Small Group Teen ANKMARI Dance Universe
122 11:55 AM Small Group Teen MOTIONS Dance Universe
___ 11:59 AM Pause
123 12:04 PM Large Group Junior 10S ACROSS THE BOARD Dance Universe
124 12:07 PM Small Group Junior STAND Dance Universe
125 12:10 PM Large Group Teen NOTHING TO YOU Dance Universe
126 12:13 PM Large Group Teen FLACK Dance Universe
___ 12:17 PM Pause
127 12:22 PM Solo Mini LOVELY Dance Universe
128 12:25 PM Solo Mini LANTERNS Dance Universe
129 12:28 PM Solo Junior BREATHE Dance Universe
130 12:31 PM Solo Junior THE NOVEL Dance Universe
131 12:35 PM Duo/Trio Teen I WON'T Dance Universe
132 12:38 PM Small Group Teen WILD IS THE WIND Dance Universe
133 12:41 PM Solo Junior PIECES OF MEMORY Dance Universe
134 12:44 PM Solo Junior RISE UP Dance Universe
135 12:48 PM Solo Junior RADIANT Dance Universe
136 12:51 PM Solo Junior WHEREVER YOU WILL GO Dance Universe
137 12:54 PM Solo Junior TBD Dance Universe
138 12:57 PM Large Group Teen RECIPROCITY Dance Universe
139 01:01 PM Solo Junior EYES SHUT Dance Universe
140 01:04 PM Solo Junior REFLECTION Dance Universe
141 01:07 PM Solo Junior STILL I HOPE Dance Universe
142 01:10 PM Solo Junior RELEASE Dance Universe
143 01:14 PM Solo Junior STILL Dance Universe
144 01:17 PM Large Group Teen RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT Dance Universe
145 01:20 PM Solo Junior THE POET ACTS Dance Universe
146 01:23 PM Solo Junior TRANSFORM Dance Universe
147 01:27 PM Solo Junior FAMILY TREE Dance Universe
148 01:30 PM Solo Junior YOU ARE A MEMORY Dance Universe
149 01:33 PM Small Group Teen LE JAZZ HOT Dance Universe
150 01:36 PM Solo Junior SOMEDAY Dance Universe
151 01:40 PM Solo Junior THE REASON Dance Universe
152 01:43 PM Solo Junior STAIRCASE Dance Universe
153 01:46 PM Solo Junior THE HILL Dance Universe
154 01:49 PM Small Group Teen LEAD US Dance Universe
155 01:53 PM Large Group Teen STORY BOOK Dance Universe
156 01:56 PM Solo Junior OL Dance Universe
157 01:59 PM Solo Junior TBA SLOANE Dance Universe
158 02:02 PM Solo Junior NO CHOIR Dance Universe
159 02:06 PM Solo Junior VALENTINE Dance Universe
160 02:09 PM Solo Junior WE TRIED Dance Universe
161 02:12 PM Small Group Teen LOVE IS A WAVE Dance Universe
162 02:15 PM Small Group Teen OCEANS Dance Universe
163 02:19 PM Duo/Trio Junior WITHIN OUR CAVE Dance Universe
164 02:22 PM Duo/Trio Junior ARTICLE 1 Dance Universe
___ 02:25 PM Pause
165 02:30 PM Solo Teen INTENTION Dance Universe
166 02:33 PM Solo Teen THE FINAL HOUR Dance Universe
167 02:37 PM Solo Teen TIME LAPSE Dance Universe
168 02:40 PM Solo Teen GET YOU TO THE MOON Dance Universe
169 02:43 PM Solo Teen YOU & I Dance Universe
170 02:46 PM Large Group Junior COPACABANA Dance Universe
171 02:50 PM Solo Teen FORTY YELLS Dance Universe
172 02:53 PM Solo Teen ILLUSION Dance Universe
173 02:56 PM Solo Teen THE PASSAGE Dance Universe
174 02:59 PM Solo Teen CASE OF YOU Dance Universe
175 03:03 PM Solo Teen HOLD YOUR OWN Dance Universe
176 03:06 PM Large Group Junior RIPPLE IN THE SAND Dance Universe
177 03:09 PM Solo Teen I STILL NEED YOU Dance Universe
178 03:12 PM Solo Teen REKINDLE Dance Universe
179 03:16 PM Solo Teen TRY Dance Universe
180 03:19 PM Solo Senior THE CHOIR Dance Universe
181 03:22 PM Large Group Junior THE GATE Dance Universe
___ 03:25 PM Judges Break
182 03:35 PM Line Junior LITTLE SOLDIERS Dance Universe
183 03:40 PM Line Teen IN THE KNOW Dance Universe
184 03:59 PM Solo Mini MOVE IT Ballet Elite Dance Studio
185 04:02 PM Solo Junior HOME Ballet Elite Dance Studio
186 04:05 PM Solo Junior MY OWN Ballet Elite Dance Studio
187 04:09 PM Solo Junior HALF LIGHT Ballet Elite Dance Studio
188 04:12 PM Solo Teen TO THE SOIL Ballet Elite Dance Studio
189 04:15 PM Solo Mini HAPPY Ballet Elite Dance Studio
190 04:18 PM Solo Mini SMALL WORLD Ballet Elite Dance Studio
191 04:22 PM Solo Teen THERE'S A DARKNESS Ballet Elite Dance Studio
192 04:25 PM Solo Teen FADING Ballet Elite Dance Studio
193 04:28 PM Solo Teen SHIFT Ballet Elite Dance Studio
194 04:31 PM Solo Senior GO SOLO Ballet Elite Dance Studio
195 04:35 PM Solo Senior NOTHING EVER LASTS Ballet Elite Dance Studio
206 04:53 PM Small Group Junior FEVER Avalon Dance
___ 04:56 PM Judges Break
207 05:06 PM Solo Teen WILD AS THE WIND Avalon Dance
208 05:09 PM Solo Teen SOMEBODY TO LOVE Avalon Dance
209 05:13 PM Solo Junior GET RIGHT Avalon Dance
210 05:16 PM Solo Junior BASSA SABABA Avalon Dance
211 05:19 PM Solo Junior GET UP Avalon Dance
212 05:22 PM Solo Junior I LOVE ROCK N' ROLL Avalon Dance
213 05:26 PM Solo Teen A CASE OF THE EX Avalon Dance
214 05:29 PM Small Group Junior BIRD SET FREE Avalon Dance
___ 05:32 PM Judges Break
215 05:42 PM Duo/Trio Junior BAD GIRLS Avalon Dance
216 05:45 PM Duo/Trio Junior REBOLA Avalon Dance
217 05:49 PM Duo/Trio Teen TIC BOOM Avalon Dance
___ 05:52 PM Judges Break
218 06:02 PM Small Group Junior MY POWER Avalon Dance
___ 06:05 PM Judges Break
219 06:15 PM Small Group Junior LA NOCHE DE FIESTA Avalon Dance
___ 06:33 PM Mini Improv
___ 06:48 PM Junior Improv
___ 07:28 PM Junior Concept
___ 07:43 PM Teen Improv
___ 08:23 PM Awards
221 03:00 PM Solo Mini A THOUSAND YEARS Dance Attack
222 03:03 PM Solo Junior WEPA New Level Dance Company
223 03:06 PM Solo Junior WAVEY Radar Dance Complex
224 03:09 PM Solo Junior FREAKUM DRESS 3D Motion Dance Center
225 03:13 PM Solo Junior FELT CUTE Industry Dance
226 03:16 PM Solo Junior UNDER ATTACK Industry Dance
227 03:19 PM Solo Junior FOG Magic Dance Studio
228 03:22 PM Solo Junior AMEN New Level Dance Company
229 03:26 PM Solo Junior CADENCE Dance Attack
230 03:29 PM Solo Junior BANG BANG New Level Dance Company
230A 03:32 PM Solo Junior YESTERDAY Creative Dance Studio
231 03:35 PM Solo Junior EVANESCE New Level Dance Company
232 03:39 PM Solo Junior BEAT ME Vantage Pointe Dance
233 03:42 PM Solo Junior BEFORE MY TIME Encore Dance Theatre
234 03:45 PM Solo Junior JE SUIS MALADE Magic Dance Studio
234A 03:48 PM Solo Junior THIS IS ME Creative Dance Studio
235 03:52 PM Solo Junior THE PRAYER Magic Dance Studio
236 03:55 PM Solo Junior SET ME FREE Industry Dance
237 03:58 PM Solo Junior LAY ME DOWN New Level Dance Company
238 04:01 PM Solo Junior RHAPSODY Vantage Pointe Dance
239 04:05 PM Solo Junior SLOW UP New Level Dance Company
240 04:08 PM Solo Junior ROXANNE Magic Dance Studio
241 04:11 PM Solo Junior WITHOUT LIMITS New Level Dance Company
242 04:14 PM Solo Junior TILL KNOW Industry Dance
243 04:18 PM Solo Junior SOUND OF WAR Dance Attack
244 04:21 PM Solo Junior STANDING ON A PRINCIPAL Industry Dance
245 04:24 PM Solo Junior INSIDE New Level Dance Company
246 04:27 PM Solo Teen MAYBE WE'LL SEE Soul Studios
247 04:31 PM Solo Teen FEELING GOOD 3D Motion Dance Center
248 04:34 PM Solo Teen EXOCORTEX Orlando International School of Dance
249 04:37 PM Solo Teen THINKING OF YOU New Level Dance Company
250 04:40 PM Solo Teen DIS DANCE Dancers Training Spot
251 04:44 PM Solo Teen LOVE IN THE DARK Soul Studios
252 04:47 PM Solo Teen HALFLIGHT New Level Dance Company
253 04:50 PM Solo Teen MEDICINE Soul Studios
254 04:53 PM Solo Teen IF YOU WENT AWAY The Academy for the Performing Arts
255 04:57 PM Solo Teen WHERE'S MY LOVE Soul Studios
256 05:00 PM Solo Teen I'LL BE LOVING YOU Encore Dance Theatre
257 05:03 PM Solo Teen SUDDENLY STILL Focal Point Dance Studios
258 05:06 PM Solo Teen HATE YOU The Academy for the Performing Arts
259 05:10 PM Solo Teen PROSERPINA New Level Dance Company
260 05:13 PM Solo Teen ONE MOMENT MORE Encore Dance Theatre
261 05:16 PM Solo Teen STRANGE The Academy for the Performing Arts
262 05:19 PM Solo Teen WANDERLUST New Level Dance Company
263 05:23 PM Solo Teen THIS MOMENT The Academy for the Performing Arts
264 05:26 PM Solo Teen DEJA VU Orlando International School of Dance
265 05:29 PM Duo/Trio Junior THE HEAT SOARED TO 163 New Level Dance Company
266 05:32 PM Duo/Trio Teen MY WAY HOME Soul Studios
267 05:51 PM Solo Mini ABOUT ANGELS Moving Artist Dance Company
267A 05:54 PM Solo Mini SURVIVE Moving Artist Dance Company
268 05:57 PM Solo Mini MYSTIQUE Moving Artist Dance Company
269 06:00 PM Solo Junior TRAGEDY Moving Artist Dance Company
270 06:04 PM Solo Junior IF I THINK Moving Artist Dance Company
271 06:07 PM Solo Junior PROTECTED Moving Artist Dance Company
272 06:10 PM Solo Junior UNDERGROUND Moving Artist Dance Company
273 06:13 PM Solo Mini INSECTA Moving Artist Dance Company
274 06:17 PM Solo Junior SHELTER Moving Artist Dance Company
275 06:20 PM Solo Junior BECAUSE Moving Artist Dance Company
276 06:23 PM Solo Teen LAST BREATH Moving Artist Dance Company
277 06:26 PM Solo Teen ARRIVAL Moving Artist Dance Company
278 06:30 PM Solo Teen STRANGE FRUIT Moving Artist Dance Company
279 06:33 PM Solo Teen HUMAN Moving Artist Dance Company
280 06:36 PM Solo Teen FIRE EMPRESS Moving Artist Dance Company
281 06:39 PM Solo Teen SEDUCES ME Moving Artist Dance Company
282 06:43 PM Solo Teen KISSING YOU Moving Artist Dance Company
283 06:46 PM Solo Teen NOTHING Moving Artist Dance Company
284 06:49 PM Solo Senior AMEN Moving Artist Dance Company
285 06:52 PM Solo Senior RISQUE Moving Artist Dance Company
286 06:56 PM Duo/Trio Junior YINYANG Moving Artist Dance Company
287 06:59 PM Duo/Trio Teen UNSTEADY Moving Artist Dance Company
288 07:17 PM Duo/Trio Senior BLUE HAZE Dancing Plus
289 07:20 PM Solo Junior SOMETHINGS GOT A HOLD ON ME Dancing Plus
290 07:24 PM Solo Junior HOW TO SAVE A LIFE Dancing Plus
291 07:27 PM Solo Junior ANGEL BY THE WINGS Dancing Plus
292 07:30 PM Solo Teen DAYLIGHT AND THE SUN Dancing Plus
293 07:33 PM Solo Teen I LOVE YOU Dancing Plus
294 07:37 PM Solo Teen EVERYBODY LOVES YOU Dancing Plus
295 07:40 PM Solo Senior MERCY Dancing Plus
296 07:43 PM Solo Senior GYPSY Dancing Plus
297 07:46 PM Solo Teen GODDESS Dancing Plus
298 07:50 PM Solo Junior 7 NATION ARMY Dancing Plus
299 07:53 PM Solo Junior STAND UP Dancing Plus
300 07:56 PM Solo Junior WIND UP SPACE Dancing Plus
301 07:59 PM Solo Teen I FEEL LIKE IM DROWNING Dancing Plus
302 08:03 PM Solo Teen I REMEMBER HER Dancing Plus
303 08:06 PM Solo Teen HOW MANY LIES Dancing Plus
304 08:09 PM Solo Senior FOOL'S GOLD Dancing Plus
305 08:12 PM Solo Senior ANGEL EYES Dancing Plus
306 08:16 PM Duo/Trio Junior SATELLITE Dancing Plus
308 08:34 PM Solo Senior THAT'S RICH Forte Arts Center
309 08:37 PM Solo Senior WISH YOU WERE HERE Dance Expressions
310 08:40 PM Solo Senior ELECTRICITY The Carolina Strut
312 08:44 PM Solo Senior CONFLICTED Miami Dance Company
313 08:47 PM Solo Senior NEW BEGINNINGS VYB Dance
314 08:50 PM Solo Senior LIABILITY Forte Arts Center
315 08:53 PM Solo Senior PAPER PLANES Dance Expressions
316 08:57 PM Solo Senior VALERIE Forte Arts Center
318 09:00 PM Solo Senior IN CASE YOU DON'T LIVE FOREVER Edge Dance Studios
320 09:03 PM Solo Senior CREEP Miami Dance Company
321 09:06 PM Duo/Trio Senior PUT YOUR RECORDS ON Forte Arts Center
___ 09:25 PM Senior Improv
___ 09:45 PM Teen Concept
___ 09:55 PM Senior Concept
___ 10:05 PM Imagination Competition
___ 10:15 PM Awards