Title Finals Schedule will be released Thursday, July 9th after the Semi-Title Winners have been awarded.


Semi Title - Wednesday
1 08:30 AM Solo Mini LOST IN THE SOUNDS Dance Universe
2 08:33 AM Solo Mini I SURRENDER Magic Dance Studio
3 08:36 AM Solo Junior WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS Dance Universe
4 08:39 AM Solo Junior STRENGTH Lanzi Academy of Dance
4A 08:43 AM Solo Junior NATIONAL PASTIME Kitty Lee Dance
5 08:46 AM Solo Junior LAST GOODBYE Dance Universe
5A 08:49 AM Solo Junior EVERYTHING Soul Studios
6 08:52 AM Solo Senior CHIC DanceFX Atlanta
7 08:56 AM Solo Senior UNCHAINED MELODY Dancing Plus
8 09:00 AM Solo Mini AYO Upstate Carolina Dance Center
9 09:03 AM Solo Mini LONDON QUEEN The Vibe
10 09:06 AM Solo Mini HOLLYWOOD DARLING Dance Universe
11 09:09 AM Solo Mini DEVILISHLY GOOD Focal Point Dance Studios
11A 09:13 AM Solo Mini I WON'T LET YOU DOWN Upstate Carolina Dance Center
12 09:16 AM Solo Mini ICARE' Dancing Plus
13 09:19 AM Solo Mini KING Upstate Carolina Dance Center
14 09:22 AM Solo Mini INCAPACITY Magic Dance Studio
15 09:26 AM Solo Mini RIVAL Dance Universe
16 09:29 AM Solo Mini LONG WAY HOME Upstate Carolina Dance Center
16A 09:32 AM Solo Mini WAVES Focal Point Dance Studios
17 09:35 AM Solo Mini MAGIC Dance Universe
18 09:39 AM Solo Mini TRUE COLORS Premiere Dance Academy
19 09:42 AM Solo Mini CHASING CARS Dance Universe
21 09:45 AM Duo/Trio Mini TAP THAT JAM Dancing Plus
22 09:48 AM Duo/Trio Mini VYBZ Dancing Plus
23 09:52 AM Small Group Junior THE ROAD Dance Universe
24 09:55 AM Small Group Junior EASY Upstate Carolina Dance Center
25 09:58 AM Solo Junior UMA Dance Universe
26 10:01 AM Solo Junior COPY CAT Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
27 10:05 AM Solo Junior BODY LANGUAGE Lanzi Academy of Dance
28 10:08 AM Solo Junior GOTCHA Creative Edge Dance Center
29 10:11 AM Solo Junior ESCALATE Dance Productions Unlimited
33 10:14 AM Solo Junior WITHER Dance Universe
34 10:18 AM Solo Junior FIX YOU Empower Dance - Studio Acct
34A 10:21 AM Solo Junior AVE MARIA New Level Dance Company
35 10:24 AM Solo Junior WITHOUT A WORD Dance Universe
36 10:27 AM Solo Junior MAGNETS Creative Edge Dance Center
37 10:31 AM Solo Junior WHEREVER YOU WILL GO Dance Universe
38 10:34 AM Solo Junior DISAPPEAR Upstate Carolina Dance Center
39 10:37 AM Solo Junior DENIAL Dance Universe
40 10:40 AM Solo Junior THERE'S A LIMIT Dance Du Coeur
41 10:44 AM Solo Junior THIS PLACE IS A SHELTER Dance Universe
42 10:47 AM Solo Junior SWEET DREAM Encore Dance Company
43 10:50 AM Solo Junior THE POET ACTS Dance Universe
44 10:53 AM Solo Junior SEND IN THE CLOWNS Axis Dance
45 10:57 AM Solo Junior SUDDENLY STILL Upstate Carolina Dance Center
46 11:00 AM Solo Junior AMEN Lanzi Academy of Dance
47 11:03 AM Solo Junior BIRD GERHL Creative Edge Dance Center
48 11:06 AM Solo Junior RIVAL Empower Dance - Studio Acct
49 11:10 AM Solo Junior WHERE WERE YOU Upstate Carolina Dance Center
51 11:13 AM Solo Junior THE WILD Dance Mechanics
52 11:16 AM Solo Junior HAVE A LITTLE FAITH Forte Arts Center
53 11:19 AM Solo Junior WILD HEART CAN'T BE BROKEN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
54 11:23 AM Solo Junior ABOVE THE SURFACE Skyra Studios
55 11:26 AM Solo Junior CALM THE STORM Dance Universe
56 11:29 AM Solo Junior SUDDENLY STILL Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
57 11:32 AM Solo Junior MY CHOICE Soul Studios
58 11:39 AM Solo Junior MEDICINE Kitty Lee Dance
59 11:42 AM Solo Junior FADING LOVE Industry Dance
60 11:45 AM Small Group Junior GAME OF SURVIVAL Dance Universe
___ 11:49 AM Judges Break (15 mins)
61 12:04 PM Solo Junior FAITH Dancing Plus
62 12:07 PM Solo Junior SMILE Axis Dance
63 12:10 PM Solo Junior SUMMER GAMES Avalon Dance
64 12:13 PM Solo Junior POTATO HEAD Skyra Studios
65 12:17 PM Solo Junior BLAME IT ON A BOOGIE Forte Arts Center
67 12:20 PM Solo Junior YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Dance Universe
68 12:23 PM Solo Junior OPEN WATERS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
69 12:26 PM Solo Junior MAGNETIZED Dance Universe
70 12:30 PM Solo Junior HEAD ABOVE WATER The Point Dance Studio - Studio Acct
71 12:33 PM Solo Junior ARE YOU WITH ME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
73 12:36 PM Solo Junior SILENT Soul Studios
74 12:39 PM Solo Junior LOST Dance Universe
75 12:43 PM Solo Junior BROKEN PRAYERS Upstate Carolina Dance Center
76 12:46 PM Solo Junior YOU DON'T KNOWE ME Dancing Plus
77 12:49 PM Solo Junior LOST AGAIN Starz Artistic Performing Company
78 12:52 PM Solo Junior HOLD STILL Creative Edge Dance Center
78A 12:56 PM Solo Junior ARTIFICIAL HARMONICS Dance Universe
79 12:59 PM Solo Junior ANCHOR Starz Artistic Performing Company
80 01:02 PM Solo Junior SHIELD Vantage Pointe Dance
81 01:05 PM Solo Junior RED DAWN Starz Artistic Performing Company
82 01:09 PM Solo Junior INTENTION Dance Universe
83 01:12 PM Solo Junior OCEANS Industry Dance
84 01:15 PM Solo Junior TAKE ON ME applause studios
85 01:18 PM Solo Junior I FEEL LIKE I'M DROWNING Dancing Plus
86 01:22 PM Solo Junior OXIDIZE The Edge Amarillo
87 01:25 PM Solo Junior STRANGERS Upstate Carolina Dance Center
87A 01:28 PM Solo Junior NIGHT Dancing Plus
88 01:31 PM Small Group Mini THE ROSE Dance Universe
89 01:35 PM Small Group Mini TAKE IT Dancing Plus
90 01:38 PM Duo/Trio Junior LA VIE EN ROSE Dance Universe
91 01:41 PM Duo/Trio Junior LANTERNS Starz Artistic Performing Company
92 01:44 PM Duo/Trio Junior NEGLECTED SPACE Lanzi Academy of Dance
93 01:48 PM Duo/Trio Junior WHAT'S TO COME Upstate Carolina Dance Center
94 01:51 PM Duo/Trio Junior SURVIVAL Dance Universe
95 01:54 PM Duo/Trio Teen TRAGEDY Kitty Lee Dance
96 01:57 PM Duo/Trio Teen BITING DOWN Upstate Carolina Dance Center
97 02:01 PM Duo/Trio Teen CROWS Starz Artistic Performing Company
98 02:04 PM Duo/Trio Teen BEAUTIFUL THING Dancing Plus
99 02:07 PM Duo/Trio Teen 11 HOURS Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
100 02:10 PM Duo/Trio Teen GOT IT IN YOU Empower Dance - Studio Acct
101 02:14 PM Duo/Trio Teen ANCHOR FOR MY SOUL Forte Arts Center
102 02:17 PM Small Group Junior CONTROL Upstate Carolina Dance Center
103 02:20 PM Small Group Junior TEAR DROPS Dance Universe
104 02:23 PM Small Group Junior BACK TO THE START Dancing Plus
___ 02:27 PM Awards (30 mins)
105 02:57 PM Small Group Teen I COULD GET USED TO THIS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
106 03:00 PM Small Group Teen BANG BANG Upstate Carolina Dance Center
108 03:03 PM Small Group Teen END OF LOVE Dancing Plus
110 03:10 PM Solo Teen WITHOUT YOU Empower Dance - Studio Acct
111 03:13 PM Solo Teen QUAKE Kitty Lee Dance
112 03:16 PM Solo Teen NEVER LET ME GO Upstate Carolina Dance Center
113 03:19 PM Solo Teen I REMEMBER HER Dancing Plus
114 03:23 PM Solo Teen BENEDICTION Upstate Carolina Dance Center
115 03:26 PM Solo Teen SUDDENLY STILL Focal Point Dance Studios
116 03:29 PM Solo Teen BLACK AND BLUE Starz Artistic Performing Company
117 03:32 PM Solo Teen AMEN Dancers Corner
118 03:36 PM Solo Teen ALTERNATE WORLD Starz Artistic Performing Company
119 03:39 PM Solo Teen LUNG Forte Arts Center
120 03:42 PM Solo Teen IF Premiere Dance Academy
121 03:45 PM Solo Teen WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS Dance Universe
122 03:49 PM Solo Teen LIGHT ME UP Empower Dance - Studio Acct
123 03:52 PM Solo Teen GRAVITY The Academy for the Performing Arts
124 03:55 PM Solo Teen THE PEOPLE AND I Dance Universe
125 03:58 PM Solo Teen BREATHE AGAIN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
126 04:02 PM Solo Teen WHITE RABBIT Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
127 04:05 PM Solo Teen GOING AWAY SMILING Kitty Lee Dance
129 04:08 PM Solo Teen WHEN SHE CAME BACK Dancing Plus
131 04:11 PM Solo Teen TIME PASSING Premiere Dance Academy
132 04:15 PM Solo Teen WITH YOU Equinox Dance Company
133 04:18 PM Solo Teen KILLING ME Dance Universe
134 04:21 PM Small Group Teen BREATHING IN Upstate Carolina Dance Center
135 04:24 PM Small Group Teen DON'T TAKE THE MONEY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
___ 04:31 PM Pause (5 mins)
138 04:36 PM Solo Teen WINTER SONG Premiere Dance Academy
139 04:39 PM Solo Teen MEIN HERR Kitty Lee Dance
139A 04:42 PM Solo Teen GODDESS OF LIGHT Dancing Plus
140 04:46 PM Solo Teen SONG FOR YOU Dancing Plus
141 04:49 PM Solo Teen NIGHT FLIGHT Tribe Body
142 04:52 PM Solo Teen LOSING YOU Dancing Plus
143 04:55 PM Solo Teen OLDER Patti Herm School of Dance
144 04:59 PM Solo Teen A WRINKLE IN TIME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
145 05:02 PM Solo Teen SENTIMENTAL LONGING Equinox Dance Company
146 05:05 PM Small Group Teen OCEAN GOLD Dancing Plus
147 05:08 PM Large Group Teen HOWL Upstate Carolina Dance Center
149 05:15 PM Small Group Senior WRONG DIRECTION Movement Montana
___ 05:18 PM Judges Break (10 mins)
150 05:28 PM Solo Senior DO IT LIKE THIS Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
153 05:35 PM Solo Senior I FOUND Movement Montana
154 05:38 PM Solo Senior LET ME IN Dancing Plus
155 05:41 PM Solo Senior BREATHE OUT OUT OUT Creative Edge Dance Center
156 05:44 PM Solo Senior DARKEST HOUR Movement Montana
157 05:48 PM Solo Senior WHERE I'VE BEEN Dancing Plus
158A 05:54 PM Solo Senior THINKIN' ABOUT YOU Movement Montana
159 05:57 PM Solo Senior ASK AVANTI Dance Company
160 06:01 PM Solo Senior HEARTS ATTACH Upstate Carolina Dance Center
161 06:04 PM Solo Senior FIGURE 8 Dance Expressions
161A 06:07 PM Solo Senior PAST LIFE Dancing Plus
162 06:10 PM Solo Senior AN EVENING I WILL NOT FORGET Forte Arts Center
165 06:17 PM Solo Senior PARTING GIFT Starz Artistic Performing Company
166 06:20 PM Solo Senior MINDFULNESS Dancing Plus
167 06:23 PM Solo Senior THE PLACE YOU LEFT Electi Dance Project
168 06:27 PM Solo Senior HUMAN Movement Montana
170A 06:36 PM Solo Senior ACCEPTANCE OF DEATH Dance Academy Monterrey
171 06:40 PM Solo Senior SORRY WE DON'T HAVE FOREVER Movement Montana
172 06:43 PM Solo Senior INDIANA Just Dance
173 06:46 PM Solo Senior PROTEST Electi Dance Project
174 06:49 PM Small Group Teen LOVE IN THE DARK Empower Dance - Studio Acct
___ 06:56 PM Judges Break (10 mins)
176 07:06 PM Solo Senior AURORA Dancing Plus
177 07:09 PM Solo Senior SMILE Encore Dance Theatre
178 07:12 PM Solo Senior WIND BENEATH MY WINGS Dancing Plus
179 07:16 PM Solo Senior WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO Upstate Carolina Dance Center
180 07:19 PM Solo Senior CON TE PARTIRO Dancing Plus
181 07:22 PM Solo Senior WHY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
182 07:25 PM Solo Senior GOTTA GET THROUGH THIS Dancing Plus
183 07:29 PM Solo Senior DANCIN' IN THE DARK Forte Arts Center
184 07:32 PM Solo Senior VIENNA Performance Edge 2
186 07:38 PM Solo Senior I CAN DO THAT Focal Point Dance Studios
188 07:45 PM Solo Senior MAKEBA Koin & Co Dancers
188A 07:48 PM Solo Senior WHAT I'VE DONE Dancing Plus
190 07:55 PM Solo Senior GOODBYE Upstate Carolina Dance Center
191 07:58 PM Solo Senior TADOW Dancers Corner
194 08:04 PM Duo/Trio Senior JUST SO YOU KNOW Movement Montana
195 08:08 PM Duo/Trio Senior FALL ON ME Dancing Plus
198 08:17 PM Small Group Teen WAVING THREW A WINDOW Empower Dance - Studio Acct
199 08:21 PM Small Group Senior TBA Movement Montana
___ 08:24 PM Awards (30 mins)