Title Finals Schedule and Gauntlet order will be released Thursday, July 7th.


1 07:00 PM Solo Senior YA READY!? AVANTI Dance Company
2 07:03 PM Solo Senior DO YOU FEEL REAL New Jersey Dance Fusion
3 07:06 PM Solo Senior POST THAT The Habitat Performing Arts Center
4 07:09 PM Solo Senior SUPERMASSIVE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
5 07:12 PM Solo Senior DANGEROUS Expressions Dance and Music
6 07:15 PM Solo Senior FADE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
8 07:18 PM Solo Senior I'M GOING DOWN Dance Mechanics
9 07:21 PM Solo Senior I'VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING Dancing Plus
10 07:24 PM Solo Senior TAKE IT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
11 07:27 PM Solo Senior DEBUT Kitty Lee Dance
12 07:30 PM Solo Senior I'LL LEAVE YOU WORDS AVANTI Dance Company
13 07:33 PM Solo Senior THIN ICE Upstate Carolina Dance Center
14 07:37 PM Solo Senior FOR THE SAKE OF A SONG Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
15 07:40 PM Solo Senior ELEPHANTS Warehouse Dance Complex
16 07:43 PM Solo Senior I'M THROUGH Movement Montana
17 07:46 PM Solo Senior SPEAK Expressions Dance and Music
18 07:49 PM Solo Senior HYPNOSIS Imperium House of Dance
19 07:52 PM Solo Senior UNCOVERED Upstate Carolina Dance Center
20 07:55 PM Solo Senior LOVE LOCKDOWN West Florida Dance Company
21 07:58 PM Solo Senior RESCUE ME Evolution X Performing Arts
22 08:01 PM Solo Senior RUN Dancing Plus
23 08:04 PM Solo Senior 5AM Empower Dance - Studio Acct
24 08:07 PM Solo Senior CRY ME A RIVER Dancing Plus
25 08:10 PM Solo Senior SAFE INSIDE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
26 08:14 PM Solo Senior 4:02AM Dance Du Coeur
27 08:17 PM Solo Senior SHORT & SWEET Dancing Plus
28 08:20 PM Solo Senior THE BUG COLLECTOR AVANTI Dance Company
29 08:23 PM Solo Senior TILL I REACH YOU The Habitat Performing Arts Center
30 08:26 PM Solo Senior THIS IS ME Evolution X Performing Arts
31 08:29 PM Solo Senior STALEMATE Dance Du Coeur
32 08:32 PM Solo Senior VIENNA Dancing Plus
33 08:35 PM Solo Senior MY MIND 5th Dimension Dance Center
34 08:38 PM Solo Senior LUNGS Dance Unlimited Miami
35 08:41 PM Solo Senior AND I WANT YOU NO LIMITS Dance Company
36 08:44 PM Solo Senior ALL I WANT Focal Point Dance Studios
37 08:47 PM Solo Senior LOOKING BACK Dance Du Coeur
38 08:51 PM Solo Senior MON DIEU Dancing Plus
39 08:54 PM Solo Senior ALL HUMAN BEINGS Dance Unlimited Miami
40 08:57 PM Solo Senior PRETTY THINGS Rise Dance Collective
41 09:00 PM Solo Senior FALLING AGAIN Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
42 09:03 PM Solo Senior FINAL CHAPTER Dance Unlimited Miami
43 09:06 PM Solo Senior THE LOVE YOU LEFT BEHIND Dance Mechanics
44 09:09 PM Solo Senior CHANGE Creative Edge Dance Center
45 09:12 PM Solo Senior SHE USED TO BE MINE Evolution X Performing Arts
46 09:15 PM Solo Senior REMAINS Dance Unlimited Miami
47 09:18 PM Solo Senior THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
48 09:21 PM Solo Senior PARTING GIFT Kitty Lee Dance
49 09:24 PM Solo Senior JE SUIS MALADE Dance Unlimited Miami
50 09:28 PM Solo Senior CLAIR DE LUN Dancing Plus
51 09:31 PM Solo Senior BLUE BANISTERS NO LIMITS Dance Company
52 09:34 PM Solo Senior LIABILITY Dancing Plus
53 09:37 PM Solo Senior WONDERFUL NO LIMITS Dance Company
54 09:40 PM Solo Senior MY WAY Dancing Plus
55 09:43 PM Solo Senior STRANGERS Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
55A 09:46 PM Solo Senior RETROGRADE Dream Contemporary Dance Company
56 09:49 PM Solo Senior SOMEDAY Shock Dance Center
57 09:52 PM Solo Senior THE SOUND OF MUSIC Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
58 09:55 PM Solo Senior WHO KNOWS WHERE TIME GOES Dancing Plus
59 09:58 PM Solo Senior VIENNA Forte Arts Center
60 10:01 PM Solo Senior SI NO CREYERA Electi Dance Project
61 10:05 PM Solo Senior RUN AWAY AVANTI Dance Company
61A 10:08 PM Solo Senior BLUE BANISTER 5th Dimension Dance Center
62 10:11 PM Solo Senior I REMEMBER Creative Edge Dance Center
63 10:14 PM Solo Senior DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO Dancing Plus
64 10:17 PM Solo Senior PLEASE SAVE ME Dance Unlimited Miami
65 10:20 PM Solo Senior LUMINOUS Dancing Plus
66 10:23 PM Solo Senior RESCUE Erie Dance Theater
67 10:26 PM Solo Senior NO CHOIR Dancing Plus
68 10:29 PM Solo Senior OPEN ARMS 5th Dimension Dance Center
69 10:32 PM Solo Senior IS THAT ALRIGHT Dancing Plus
70 10:35 PM Solo Senior BIG WHITE ROOM Dancing Plus
71 10:38 PM Solo Senior HEIR OF THE HEART Dance Unlimited Miami
72 10:42 PM Solo Senior IMPOSSIBLE Dancing Plus
73 10:45 PM Solo Senior THE SWAN Dance Unlimited Miami
74 10:48 PM Solo Senior THINK ABOUT YOU Empower Dance - Studio Acct
75 10:51 PM Solo Senior THE MAN I LOVE Dancing Plus
76 10:54 PM Solo Senior I WON'T COMPLAIN Dancing Plus
77 10:57 PM Solo Senior A FLUTTER IN TIME Dance Unlimited Miami
78 11:00 PM Solo Senior VAIN Dancing Plus
79 11:03 PM Solo Senior DYNAMITE Dancing Plus
80 11:06 PM Solo Senior CONVALESCENCE Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
81 11:09 PM Solo Senior FALLIN Dancing Plus
82 11:12 PM Solo Senior STRANGE Dancing Plus
83 11:15 PM Solo Senior FEED THE BIRDS Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
84 11:19 PM Solo Senior THE GLORY OF LOVE Dancing Plus
85 11:22 PM Solo Senior LET IT ALL GO Dancing Plus
86 11:25 PM Solo Senior A MILLION FADE OUTS The Habitat Performing Arts Center
87 11:28 PM Solo Senior RUNAWAY Dancing Plus
88 11:31 PM Solo Senior OBSOLETE Dancing Plus
89 11:34 PM Solo Senior NOTHING LEFT BUT THEIR NAMES Shock Dance Center
90 11:37 PM Solo Senior SOMEBODY ELSE Dancing Plus
91 11:40 PM Solo Senior UHHMERICA Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
___ 11:43 PM Awards
92 07:00 AM Solo Junior LIES ABOVE Palmetto En Pointe
93 07:03 AM Solo Junior TIME STAMP Dance Unlimited Miami
95 07:06 AM Solo Junior FEMME FATALE Focal Point Dance Studios
96 07:09 AM Solo Junior WILDSIDE Palmetto En Pointe
97 07:12 AM Solo Junior DON'T KNOW YOU YET Palmetto En Pointe
99 07:15 AM Solo Junior ISLANDS Movement Montana
100 07:18 AM Solo Junior WASH OVER ME Dance Universe
101 07:21 AM Solo Junior LOVE LOST Focal Point Dance Studios
104 07:24 AM Solo Senior 13 BEACHES Dance Mechanics
105 07:27 AM Solo Senior BROKEN Movement Montana
106 07:30 AM Solo Senior TWO HANDS Dancing Plus
107 07:45 AM Solo Mini MOVE IT Dance Unlimited Miami
108 07:48 AM Solo Mini NEW ATTITUDE Upstate Carolina Dance Center
109 07:51 AM Solo Mini SO MUCH BETTER Dance Unlimited Miami
110 07:54 AM Solo Mini RICH GIRL Adrenaline Dance Company
111 07:57 AM Solo Mini THINK Dance Unlimited Miami
112 08:00 AM Solo Mini ROCKIN' ROBBIN The Habitat Performing Arts Center
113 08:03 AM Solo Mini ALL ABOUT ME Dance Unlimited Miami
114 08:06 AM Solo Mini EVERLASTING LOVE Dancing Plus
115 08:09 AM Solo Mini WIND IT UP Yackel Dance Studio
116 08:12 AM Solo Mini ROTTEN TO THE CORE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
117 08:15 AM Solo Mini HAVANA Dance Unlimited Miami
118 08:18 AM Solo Mini GLAM Empower Dance - Studio Acct
119 08:22 AM Solo Mini SHOOK UP Dance Unlimited Miami
120 08:25 AM Solo Mini COLD AS ICE AVANTI Dance Company
121 08:28 AM Solo Mini HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT Warehouse Dance Complex
122 08:31 AM Solo Mini MONTH Imperial Dance Company
123 08:34 AM Solo Mini DAUGHTER Pure Movement Dance
124 08:37 AM Solo Mini HOLD YOUR BREATH Dance Unlimited Miami
125 08:40 AM Solo Mini AWAKENING Adrenaline Dance Company
126 08:43 AM Solo Mini HOLDING ON Dance Unlimited Miami
127 08:46 AM Solo Mini WAITING GAME Just For Kix
128 08:49 AM Solo Mini BEING A GIRL Dance Unlimited Miami
129 08:52 AM Solo Mini AIN'T GONNA PLAY NO SECOND FIDDLE Boutique Dance Academy
130 08:55 AM Solo Mini MISS BANANA Dance Unlimited Miami
131 08:59 AM Solo Mini QUEEN OF POP Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
132 09:02 AM Solo Mini GETTING AHEAD Dance Unlimited Miami
133 09:05 AM Solo Mini SEE THE LIGHT Dance Unlimited Miami
134 09:08 AM Solo Mini NOTE TO GOD Empower Dance - Studio Acct
135 09:11 AM Solo Mini EMPTY Dance Unlimited Miami
136 09:14 AM Solo Mini FREE AS A BIRD New Jersey Dance Fusion
137 09:17 AM Solo Mini A GYPSY'S PRAYER Dance Unlimited Miami
138 09:20 AM Solo Mini FEEL YOUR HEART Empower Dance - Studio Acct
139 09:23 AM Solo Mini BENEATH MY WINGS Dance Unlimited Miami
140 09:26 AM Solo Mini NEVER NEVER LAND Boutique Dance Academy
141 09:29 AM Solo Mini OVER THE RAINBOW Pure Movement Dance
142 09:32 AM Solo Mini THE PRAYER Boutique Dance Academy
143 09:36 AM Solo Mini COMPASS Upstate Carolina Dance Center
144 09:39 AM Solo Mini HOPELESSLY DEVOTED Boutique Dance Academy
145 09:42 AM Solo Mini HOLD ON AMELIA Empower Dance - Studio Acct
146 09:45 AM Solo Mini A THOUSAND YEARS Dance Attack
147 09:48 AM Solo Mini HALO New Jersey Dance Fusion
148 09:51 AM Solo Mini TROPHY New Jersey Dance Fusion
149 09:54 AM Solo Mini LEGENDARY New Jersey Dance Fusion
150 09:57 AM Solo Mini SPIDERWOMAN Dance Unlimited Miami
152 10:00 AM Solo Mini HBK Chrissy's Dance Academy
153 10:03 AM Solo Mini BOUNCE BACK Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
154 10:06 AM Solo Mini ROSE Upstate Carolina Dance Center
155 10:09 AM Duo/Trio Mini CAN'T DO IT ALONE New Jersey Dance Fusion
156 10:13 AM Duo/Trio Mini WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN Boutique Dance Academy
157 10:16 AM Duo/Trio Mini SHOW-OFF Focal Point Dance Studios
158 10:19 AM Duo/Trio Mini MINNIE THE MOOCHER Dance Unlimited Miami
159 10:22 AM Duo/Trio Mini STACKS Focal Point Dance Studios
160 10:25 AM Duo/Trio Mini #PROBLEM New Jersey Dance Fusion
___ 10:28 AM Awards
160A 10:58 AM Solo Junior LISTEN BEFORE I GO Erie Dance Theater
161 11:01 AM Solo Junior PURPLE HAT New Jersey Dance Fusion
162 11:04 AM Solo Junior BETTER WHEN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
163 11:07 AM Solo Junior MY HOUSE MY RULES Dance Unlimited Miami
164 11:10 AM Solo Junior RIVER DEEP MOUNTAIN HIGH Empower Dance - Studio Acct
165 11:13 AM Solo Junior WHAT YOU LIKE Dance Unlimited Miami
166 11:16 AM Solo Junior CLAP YOUR HANDS Evolution X Performing Arts
167 11:20 AM Solo Junior QUEEN OF THE NIGHT Dance Unlimited Miami
168 11:23 AM Solo Junior FADE AVANTI Dance Company
169 11:26 AM Solo Junior NEW YORK NEW YORK Movement Montana
170 11:29 AM Solo Junior WHO WOULDN'T Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
171 11:32 AM Solo Junior BAD GIRLS AVANTI Dance Company
172 11:35 AM Solo Junior DON'T MISS IT New Jersey Dance Fusion
173 11:38 AM Solo Junior IMPOSSIBLE Dance Mechanics
174 11:41 AM Solo Junior LIVING FOR LOVE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
175 11:44 AM Solo Junior GOT IT Just For Kix
175A 11:47 AM Solo Junior ALL FOR US Erie Dance Theater
176 11:50 AM Solo Junior DREAMS Boutique Dance Academy
177 11:53 AM Solo Junior PAINT IT BLACK New Jersey Dance Fusion
178 11:57 AM Solo Junior I FOUND Boutique Dance Academy
179 12:00 PM Solo Junior OPEN DOOR Dance Unlimited Miami
180 12:03 PM Solo Junior SMALL SPACE New Jersey Dance Fusion
181 12:06 PM Solo Junior SURVIVOR Dance Unlimited Miami
182 12:09 PM Solo Junior BIG GOD Dance Universe
183 12:13 PM Solo Junior RESIN Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
184 12:16 PM Solo Junior I MADE YOU A PROMISE Dance Unlimited Miami
185 12:19 PM Solo Junior WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD Dancing Plus
186 12:22 PM Solo Junior UNDERSTOOD Dance Unlimited Miami
187 12:25 PM Solo Junior I HEARD A VOICE Dance Du Coeur
188 12:28 PM Solo Junior WAR Dance Unlimited Miami
189 12:31 PM Solo Junior MASQUERADE Boutique Dance Academy
190 12:35 PM Solo Junior STRUGGLE Dance Unlimited Miami
191 12:38 PM Solo Junior MEMOIRS Dance Du Coeur
192 12:41 PM Solo Junior ON THE EDGE Dance Unlimited Miami
194 12:44 PM Solo Junior FANTASTIC WRECK Dancing Plus
195 12:47 PM Solo Junior THE CRUMBLING Dance Unlimited Miami
196 12:50 PM Solo Junior UNCOVERED Movement Montana
197 12:53 PM Solo Junior ICON New Jersey Dance Fusion
198 12:56 PM Solo Junior OUT OF HIDING Dance Du Coeur
199 12:59 PM Solo Junior LITTLE BIRD Dance Unlimited Miami
200 01:02 PM Solo Junior TRAMPLED FLOWERS Dancing Plus
201 01:05 PM Solo Junior OPPOSITION Dance Unlimited Miami
202 01:08 PM Solo Junior KING Dancing Plus
203 01:12 PM Solo Junior OUT OF MY HEAD Dance Unlimited Miami
204 01:15 PM Solo Junior THE DEPARTURE Dancing Plus
___ 01:18 PM Judges Break
205 01:28 PM Solo Junior ARE YOU WITH ME? New Jersey Dance Fusion
206 01:31 PM Solo Junior IF YOU MUST Dance Universe
207 01:34 PM Solo Junior TORE MY HEART New Jersey Dance Fusion
208 01:37 PM Solo Junior BITING DOWN Movement Montana
209 01:40 PM Solo Junior WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW Dancing Plus
210 01:43 PM Solo Junior WAIT FOR IT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
211 01:46 PM Solo Junior GOLDEN New Jersey Dance Fusion
212 01:49 PM Solo Junior VOLCANIC Upstate Carolina Dance Center
213 01:52 PM Solo Junior ROSIE Dancing Plus
215 01:55 PM Solo Junior HORIZON New Jersey Dance Fusion
216 01:59 PM Solo Junior NAIL Dancing Plus
217 02:02 PM Solo Junior STILL Movement Montana
218 02:05 PM Solo Junior 1953 Empower Dance - Studio Acct
219 02:08 PM Solo Junior HELIOPAUSE Dance Du Coeur
220 02:11 PM Solo Junior FALSE CONFIDENCE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
221 02:14 PM Solo Junior 6 OUT OF 10 Dancing Plus
222 02:17 PM Solo Junior THE CAVE Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
223 02:20 PM Solo Junior TORN Dancing Plus
224 02:23 PM Solo Junior THAT'S LIFE AVANTI Dance Company
225 02:26 PM Solo Junior UNSPEAKABLE Dance Universe
226 02:29 PM Solo Junior EMERGE Dance Universe
227 02:32 PM Solo Junior SAFE SPOT Upstate Carolina Dance Center
229 02:36 PM Solo Junior SOMEDAYS Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
230 02:39 PM Solo Junior SOUND Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
232 02:42 PM Solo Junior REPLICATE Dance Universe
233 02:45 PM Solo Junior A PERMANENT STAIN Dance Du Coeur
234 02:48 PM Solo Junior PAINT IT BLACK Airborne Dance
235 02:51 PM Solo Junior HAVE I GONE TOO FAR New Jersey Dance Fusion
239 02:54 PM Solo Junior LITTLE CHANGES Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
240 02:57 PM Solo Junior TBA CAMDYN Creative Edge Dance Center
241 03:00 PM Solo Junior HOPE Focal Point Dance Studios
242 03:03 PM Solo Junior ASTRONOMICAL Soul Studios
243 03:06 PM Solo Junior THE FAWN Dance Du Coeur
244 03:09 PM Solo Junior FORGOTTEN Dance Unlimited Miami
245 03:13 PM Solo Junior THE ONE YOU LOVE New Jersey Dance Fusion
246 03:16 PM Solo Junior RIGHT ON TIME Eva Moore's Performing Arts Center
247 03:19 PM Solo Junior STRANGERS Movement Montana
248 03:22 PM Solo Junior IT'S OK Expressions Dance and Music
249 03:25 PM Solo Junior LEAVING Empower Dance - Studio Acct
250 03:28 PM Solo Junior I REMEMBER HER Ballet Elite Dance Studio
251 03:31 PM Solo Junior FUNDAMENTAL EXISTENCE Soul Studios
___ 03:34 PM Judges Break
252 03:44 PM Solo Junior BIG SPENDER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
253 03:47 PM Solo Junior VELMA TAKES THE STAND Dancing Plus
254 03:50 PM Solo Junior WHATEVER LOLA WANTS Movement Montana
255 03:53 PM Solo Junior HOWL Dance Unlimited Miami
256 03:56 PM Solo Junior ROSE'S TURN Dancing Plus
257 04:00 PM Solo Junior MY TURN Dance Unlimited Miami
258 04:03 PM Solo Junior SPEAKING FRENCH Dance Mechanics
259 04:06 PM Solo Junior BREATHE Boutique Dance Academy
260 04:09 PM Solo Junior UNDER MY THOUGHTS Dance Unlimited Miami
261 04:12 PM Solo Junior MEMORY New Jersey Dance Fusion
262 04:15 PM Solo Junior WE'LL BE A STAR Empower Dance - Studio Acct
263 04:18 PM Solo Junior SWEET CHILD OF MINE Dance Unlimited Miami
264 04:21 PM Solo Junior ALWAYS THERE Boutique Dance Academy
265 04:24 PM Solo Junior SOMETHING MISSING Dance Unlimited Miami
266 04:27 PM Solo Junior SPEECHLESS Evolution X Performing Arts
267 04:30 PM Solo Junior FUEL Dance Unlimited Miami
268 04:33 PM Solo Junior BASIC Palmetto En Pointe
269 04:37 PM Solo Junior THE SEARCH Dance Unlimited Miami
270 04:40 PM Solo Junior END OF LOVE Focal Point Dance Studios
271 04:43 PM Solo Junior FOR YOU Dance Unlimited Miami
272 04:46 PM Solo Junior IF ONLY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
273 04:49 PM Solo Junior BEAUTIFUL THINGS Dance Universe
275 04:52 PM Solo Junior TREMBLING HEART Dance Universe
276 04:55 PM Solo Junior A STUTTER Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
277 04:58 PM Solo Junior REMEDY Focal Point Dance Studios
278 05:01 PM Solo Junior WANT YOU BACK Dance Mechanics
279 05:04 PM Solo Junior RUNAWAY Palmetto En Pointe
280 05:07 PM Solo Junior EMPTY NOTE Dance Unlimited Miami
281 05:10 PM Solo Junior HOME Dance Mechanics
282 05:14 PM Solo Junior FLASH LIGHT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
283 05:17 PM Solo Junior OVER SOON Dance Unlimited Miami
284 05:20 PM Solo Junior CONTROL Empower Dance - Studio Acct
285 05:23 PM Solo Junior SKILLZ Focal Point Dance Studios
286 05:26 PM Solo Junior UBER Warehouse Dance Complex
287 05:29 PM Solo Junior CALL ME BACK Movement Montana
288 05:32 PM Solo Junior BLUE VELVET Industry Dance
___ 05:35 PM Judges Break
289 05:45 PM Solo Junior BROKEN Dance Unlimited Miami
290 05:48 PM Solo Junior HEAVEN IS HERE Just For Kix
291 05:51 PM Solo Junior THREE THINGS Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
292 05:54 PM Solo Junior BONES Upstate Carolina Dance Center
293 05:57 PM Solo Junior DOG DAYS Dancing Plus
294 06:01 PM Solo Junior AGUA New Jersey Dance Fusion
295 06:04 PM Solo Junior DANCE ME TO THE END Dancing Plus
296 06:07 PM Solo Junior SWAN Focal Point Dance Studios
297 06:10 PM Solo Junior UNDERGROUND Dancing Plus
298 06:13 PM Solo Junior UNSTOPPABLE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
299 06:16 PM Solo Junior STUCK ON YOU Dancing Plus
300 06:19 PM Solo Junior ANOMALY DETECTED Pure Movement Dance
301 06:22 PM Solo Junior ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST Dancing Plus
302 06:25 PM Solo Junior CAN YOU FEEL IT New Jersey Dance Fusion
303 06:28 PM Solo Junior RELEASE Dance Universe
303A 06:31 PM Solo Junior MR. BUZZING MAN Upstate Carolina Dance Center
304 06:34 PM Solo Junior SOLDIER New Jersey Dance Fusion
305 06:38 PM Solo Junior QUIVER Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
306 06:41 PM Solo Junior BASS SONG Dancing Plus
307 06:44 PM Solo Junior CONTENTMENT Dance Universe
308 06:47 PM Solo Junior EXOTHERMIC Dancing Plus
309 06:50 PM Solo Junior THE RECURRENT Dance Universe
309A 06:53 PM Solo Junior SLACK JAW Industry Dance
310 06:56 PM Solo Junior FLASHED Dance Productions Unlimited
311 06:59 PM Solo Junior INTENTION Dance Universe
312 07:02 PM Solo Junior BODY SUN Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
313 07:05 PM Solo Junior JOY IS BORING Upstate Carolina Dance Center
314 07:08 PM Solo Junior EMBEDDED IN TIME Dance Universe
315 07:11 PM Solo Junior COLOURS Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
316 07:15 PM Solo Junior CURIOSITY IN MOTION Dance Universe
317 07:18 PM Solo Junior GOOD TIMES ROLL Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
318 07:21 PM Solo Junior HURRICANE Dance Mechanics
319 07:24 PM Production Junior PIECES OF ME Focal Point Dance Studios
320 07:30 PM Extended Production Junior HOMECOMING Dance Unlimited Miami
321 07:37 PM Duo/Trio Junior SHAKE THE ROOM Evolution X Performing Arts
322 07:40 PM Duo/Trio Junior MONSTER New Jersey Dance Fusion
323 07:43 PM Duo/Trio Junior RIVERS AND ROADS Movement Montana
324 07:47 PM Duo/Trio Junior FALLEN Boutique Dance Academy
325 07:50 PM Duo/Trio Junior BONDED Dance Unlimited Miami
326 07:53 PM Duo/Trio Junior THE EYES I HAVE SHUT Dance Du Coeur
327 07:56 PM Duo/Trio Junior UNSURRENDERED Dance Universe
328 07:59 PM Duo/Trio Junior LOST & FOUND Focal Point Dance Studios
329 08:02 PM Duo/Trio Junior RIGHT ON TIME Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
330 08:05 PM Duo/Trio Junior SPIRIT BIRD Movement Montana
331 08:08 PM Duo/Trio Junior DRESS TO IMPRESS Focal Point Dance Studios
332 08:11 PM Duo/Trio Junior LIGHT UP THE SKY Evolution X Performing Arts
333 08:14 PM Duo/Trio Junior FOREVER YOUNG New Jersey Dance Fusion
334 08:17 PM Duo/Trio Junior PRAYING Empower Dance - Studio Acct
335 08:20 PM Duo/Trio Junior BOUND Focal Point Dance Studios
336 08:24 PM Duo/Trio Junior SWOON Focal Point Dance Studios
337 08:27 PM Duo/Trio Junior COMA SMOKE Dancing Plus
338 08:30 PM Duo/Trio Junior LET'S MAKE OUR OWN MOVIES Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
339 08:33 PM Duo/Trio Junior BOYS WILL BE BOYS Dancing Plus
340 08:36 PM Duo/Trio Junior STUMBLE & THEN RISE Upstate Carolina Dance Center
341 08:39 PM Production Junior INDEPENDENT Dance Unlimited Miami
342 08:44 PM Production Junior UNDONE Focal Point Dance Studios
___ 08:49 PM Awards
343 09:19 PM Duo/Trio Teen MALAMENTE Palmetto En Pointe
344 09:23 PM Duo/Trio Teen KOLADI-OLA Kitty Lee Dance
345 09:26 PM Duo/Trio Teen BETTER DAYS Evolution X Performing Arts
346 09:29 PM Duo/Trio Teen CONTAGIOUS Focal Point Dance Studios
347 09:32 PM Duo/Trio Teen WALKING AND FALLING Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
348 09:35 PM Duo/Trio Teen 10 AM GARE DU NORD Warehouse Dance Complex
349 09:38 PM Duo/Trio Teen I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
350 09:41 PM Duo/Trio Teen GODSPEED Dance Mechanics
351 09:44 PM Duo/Trio Teen DARKEST HOURS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
352 09:47 PM Duo/Trio Teen I REFUSE Focal Point Dance Studios
353 09:50 PM Duo/Trio Teen FALSE FRONT Dance Du Coeur
354 09:53 PM Duo/Trio Teen MISS YOU Palmetto En Pointe
355 09:56 PM Duo/Trio Teen THE WEIGHT OF US Academy for the Performing Arts
356 10:00 PM Duo/Trio Teen WHEN WE'RE OLDER Kitty Lee Dance
357 10:03 PM Duo/Trio Teen MARKS Soul Studios
358 10:06 PM Duo/Trio Teen HAPPINESS IN THE WRONG PLACE New Jersey Dance Fusion
359 10:09 PM Duo/Trio Teen TRAFFIC TANGO Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
360 10:12 PM Duo/Trio Teen THE MIGHTY TWO Dance Unlimited Miami
361 10:15 PM Duo/Trio Teen STRANGERS BY NATURE Dancing Plus
363 10:18 PM Duo/Trio Teen IF YOU LOVED ME THAT'S YOUR FAULT Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
364 10:21 PM Duo/Trio Senior WAY DOWN WE GO Dancing Plus
365 10:24 PM Duo/Trio Senior HEAVEN I KNOW Empower Dance - Studio Acct
366 10:27 PM Duo/Trio Senior MARY NO LIMITS Dance Company
367 10:30 PM Duo/Trio Senior DON'T GIVE UP ON ME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
368 10:33 PM Duo/Trio Senior THE SCIENTIST Dance Mechanics
369 10:37 PM Duo/Trio Senior SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW Dancing Plus
370 10:40 PM Duo/Trio Senior DIVIDED Focal Point Dance Studios
371 10:43 PM Duo/Trio Senior HOLY FIELDS Dancing Plus
372 10:46 PM Duo/Trio Senior WIDE AWAKE Shock Dance Center
373 10:49 PM Duo/Trio Senior LEAVE THE LIGHT ON Dancing Plus
373A 10:52 PM Duo/Trio Teen SELAH Erie Dance Theater
___ 10:56 PM Awards
374 07:00 AM Small Group Mini GOOD AT BEING BAD Dance Unlimited Miami
375 07:03 AM Small Group Mini RENDEZVOUS Focal Point Dance Studios
376 07:06 AM Small Group Mini FABULOUS Dance Unlimited Miami
377 07:09 AM Small Group Mini LETS GET LOUD Empower Dance - Studio Acct
378 07:12 AM Small Group Mini HSKT New Jersey Dance Fusion
379 07:15 AM Small Group Mini PROFESSIONALS Dance Unlimited Miami
380 07:18 AM Small Group Mini FLY Boutique Dance Academy
381 07:21 AM Small Group Mini MY WAY Focal Point Dance Studios
382 07:24 AM Small Group Mini WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM Empower Dance - Studio Acct
383 07:27 AM Small Group Mini SCHOOL'S OUT New Jersey Dance Fusion
384 07:30 AM Small Group Mini ONCE MORE Dance Unlimited Miami
385 07:33 AM Small Group Junior DO IT LIKE THIS Palmetto En Pointe
386 07:37 AM Small Group Junior TEKI Focal Point Dance Studios
387 07:40 AM Small Group Junior BOSS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
388 07:43 AM Small Group Junior ON THE FLOOR Dance Unlimited Miami
389 07:46 AM Small Group Junior BABY I'M A STAR Dance Du Coeur
390 07:49 AM Small Group Junior RUNWAY Dance Unlimited Miami
391 07:52 AM Small Group Junior FALL CREEK New Jersey Dance Fusion
392 07:55 AM Large Group Junior KEEP BREATHING Empower Dance - Studio Acct
393 07:58 AM Small Group Junior WE DON'T EAT Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
394 08:01 AM Small Group Junior GOODBYE Focal Point Dance Studios
395 08:04 AM Small Group Junior DANCEPACK New Jersey Dance Fusion
396 08:08 AM Small Group Junior FAITH Palmetto En Pointe
397 08:11 AM Small Group Junior THE UNEQUAL Dance Unlimited Miami
398 08:14 AM Small Group Junior LANDSLIDE Movement Montana
399 08:17 AM Small Group Junior PEACE Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
400 08:20 AM Small Group Junior FOR MY GHOSTS Dance Du Coeur
401 08:23 AM Small Group Junior FABULOUS Palmetto En Pointe
402 08:26 AM Large Group Junior HOME Dance Unlimited Miami
403 08:29 AM Small Group Junior GROUNDED Focal Point Dance Studios
404 08:32 AM Small Group Junior NOT THE END Dance Unlimited Miami
405 08:35 AM Small Group Junior TIME Focal Point Dance Studios
406 08:39 AM Small Group Junior WONDERING Empower Dance - Studio Acct
407 08:42 AM Large Group Junior VANISHED Dance Unlimited Miami
409 08:45 AM Small Group Junior LIFT YOURSELF Dancing Plus
410 08:48 AM Small Group Junior PITCH PERFECT New Jersey Dance Fusion
411 08:51 AM Small Group Junior HAPPENS TO THE HEART Movement Montana
412 08:54 AM Large Group Mini TECHNOLOGIC New Jersey Dance Fusion
413 08:57 AM Line Mini FALLING Dance Unlimited Miami
___ 09:02 AM Judges Break
414 09:12 AM Large Group Junior BACK IT UP Focal Point Dance Studios
415 09:15 AM Large Group Junior GIRLS RUN THE WORLD Empower Dance - Studio Acct
416 09:18 AM Large Group Junior CLAP SNAP Dance Unlimited Miami
417 09:21 AM Large Group Junior SIZE Palmetto En Pointe
418 09:25 AM Large Group Junior DOLLAZ New Jersey Dance Fusion
419 09:28 AM Large Group Junior BOYZ Focal Point Dance Studios
420 09:31 AM Large Group Junior BE SEEN Dance Unlimited Miami
421 09:34 AM Large Group Junior AND THE CURTAIN IS DRAWN Dance Du Coeur
422 09:38 AM Large Group Junior PLEASE LOVE ME Dance Unlimited Miami
423 09:41 AM Large Group Junior LION HEART Dance Unlimited Miami
424 09:44 AM Small Group Junior RUN AWAY Focal Point Dance Studios
424A 09:47 AM Small Group Junior TIME TO WORK Evolution X Performing Arts
425 09:50 AM Large Group Junior ME & MY SHADOW Empower Dance - Studio Acct
426 09:54 AM Large Group Junior BURLESQUE Dance Unlimited Miami
427 09:57 AM Large Group Junior THE BATTLE OF YORKTOWN Dancing Plus
428 10:01 AM Line Junior GOSPEL TRUTH Dance Unlimited Miami
429 10:05 AM Large Group Junior TURN TO STONE Palmetto En Pointe
430 10:09 AM Large Group Junior SURVIVE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
431 10:12 AM Large Group Junior NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM New Jersey Dance Fusion
432 10:15 AM Large Group Junior A THOUSAND MILES Dancing Plus
433 10:18 AM Large Group Junior LOVE GOES Dance Du Coeur
___ 10:22 AM Awards
434 10:52 AM Solo Teen JEALOUSY Palmetto En Pointe
435 10:55 AM Solo Teen LET THEM KNOW Empower Dance - Studio Acct
436 10:58 AM Solo Teen TOXIC Creative Edge Dance Center
437 11:01 AM Solo Teen BLACK CAR Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
438 11:04 AM Solo Teen BY YOUR SIDE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
439 11:07 AM Solo Teen VEUVE NOIRE Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
440 11:10 AM Solo Teen TELL 'EM Evolution X Performing Arts
441 11:13 AM Solo Teen CONTROL Palmetto En Pointe
442 11:16 AM Solo Teen TENDERNESS Dancing Plus
443 11:19 AM Solo Teen SWEET DREAMS Kitty Lee Dance
444 11:22 AM Solo Teen TAKE OVER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
445 11:25 AM Solo Teen LOOK Kitty Lee Dance
446 11:29 AM Solo Teen WHATCHA WAITING FOR Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
447 11:32 AM Solo Teen DIRTY DIANA Dancing Plus
448 11:35 AM Solo Teen TRYING Dance Unlimited Miami
449 11:38 AM Solo Teen ELASTIC HEART Evolution X Performing Arts
450 11:41 AM Solo Teen UNRAVELING Dance Du Coeur
451 11:44 AM Solo Teen YOUTH Empower Dance - Studio Acct
454 11:47 AM Solo Teen BREATHE Evolution X Performing Arts
455 11:50 AM Solo Teen WHAT REMAINS Dance Du Coeur
456 11:53 AM Solo Teen EVERY PIECE OF YOU Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
457 11:56 AM Solo Teen SURRENDER Dance Du Coeur
458 11:59 AM Solo Teen SALEM Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
459 12:02 PM Solo Teen REGRETS Focal Point Dance Studios
460 12:06 PM Solo Teen SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW Soul Studios
461 12:09 PM Solo Teen HEARTBREAK HOTEL Dancing Plus
462 12:12 PM Solo Teen MOTHER Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
463 12:15 PM Solo Teen NEVERMORE Dance Unlimited Miami
464 12:18 PM Solo Teen THE IN BETWEEN Dance Du Coeur
465 12:21 PM Solo Teen SINGE Dance Unlimited Miami
466 12:24 PM Solo Teen RED HERRING Dance Du Coeur
467 12:27 PM Solo Teen A MILLION YEARS Dance Unlimited Miami
468 12:30 PM Solo Teen INTERTWINED Upstate Carolina Dance Center
469 12:33 PM Solo Teen REMINISCENCIAS Warehouse Dance Complex
470 12:36 PM Solo Teen CLOWN Erie Dance Theater
471 12:39 PM Solo Teen WONDER Dance Unlimited Miami
472 12:43 PM Solo Teen PERMANENCE Focal Point Dance Studios
473 12:46 PM Solo Teen EMPTY HANDS Dance Du Coeur
474 12:49 PM Solo Teen ROOKERY Dancing Plus
475 12:52 PM Solo Teen AVANT GARDENER Dance Universe
476 12:55 PM Solo Teen WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO US New Jersey Dance Fusion
477 12:58 PM Solo Teen TAKE ME HOME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
478 01:01 PM Solo Teen BLOODLINE AVANTI Dance Company
479 01:04 PM Solo Teen LET YOU KNOW Dance, etc!
480 01:07 PM Solo Teen AFRAID Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
481 01:10 PM Solo Teen YOU'RE NOT ALONE Dancing Plus
482 01:13 PM Solo Teen I'LL HURRY Warehouse Dance Complex
483 01:16 PM Solo Teen DOUBLE EDGE SWORD Dance Du Coeur
___ 01:20 PM Judges Break
484 01:30 PM Solo Teen GONE Dance Productions Unlimited
485 01:33 PM Solo Teen THROUGH WATER Dance Mechanics
486 01:36 PM Solo Teen MR. SANDMAN AVANTI Dance Company
487 01:39 PM Solo Teen HAUNTED Industry Dance
488 01:42 PM Solo Teen THE CORNER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
489 01:45 PM Solo Teen MOVING ON Focal Point Dance Studios
490 01:48 PM Solo Teen ONCE I WAS LOVED Dancing Plus
490A 01:51 PM Solo Teen LANTERNS LIT Dance Academy Monterrey
491 01:54 PM Solo Teen KYOTO Encore Dance Theatre
492 01:57 PM Solo Teen THESE YEARS Dancing Plus
493 02:00 PM Solo Teen EVERMORE Soul Studios
494 02:03 PM Solo Teen ELIJAH Kitty Lee Dance
495 02:07 PM Solo Teen HELP ME Evolution X Performing Arts
496 02:10 PM Solo Teen PLAY IT AGAIN New Jersey Dance Fusion
497 02:13 PM Solo Teen AT NIGHT Focal Point Dance Studios
498 02:16 PM Solo Teen LOVELY Evolution X Performing Arts
499 02:19 PM Solo Teen YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE Dancing Plus
500 02:22 PM Solo Teen VINEGAR & SALT RJ's Dance Studio
501 02:25 PM Solo Teen WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN LOST Yackel Dance Studio
502 02:28 PM Solo Teen UNBIND Ballet Elite Dance Studio
503 02:31 PM Solo Teen THE SOUVENIR Dance Mechanics
504 02:34 PM Solo Teen THIN ORANGE HAZE Dance Du Coeur
505 02:37 PM Solo Teen THE GHOST THAT WE KNEW Dance Mechanics
506 02:40 PM Solo Teen MARY Dancing Plus
507 02:44 PM Solo Teen SHOUT Dance Unlimited Miami
508 02:47 PM Solo Teen COLOUR IN ANYTHING Palmetto En Pointe
509 02:50 PM Solo Teen I GAVE YOU ALL The Habitat Performing Arts Center
510 02:53 PM Solo Teen PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
511 02:56 PM Solo Teen IF I SHOULD LOSE YOU AVANTI Dance Company
512 02:59 PM Solo Teen TAKE TIME Soul Studios
513 03:02 PM Solo Teen DRIVERS LICENSE Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
514 03:05 PM Solo Teen IF YOU WENT AWAY Palmetto En Pointe
515 03:08 PM Solo Teen NEW ROMANTIC WAY Dancing Plus
516 03:11 PM Solo Teen MOUNTAINS New Jersey Dance Fusion
517 03:14 PM Solo Teen GROWING PAINS Dancing Plus
518 03:17 PM Solo Teen THE LIGHT THAT NEVER FAILS New Jersey Dance Fusion
519 03:21 PM Solo Teen OPERANT Dance Du Coeur
520 03:24 PM Solo Teen FALLING Kitty Lee Dance
521 03:27 PM Solo Teen COLORBLIND Focal Point Dance Studios
522 03:30 PM Solo Teen IT'S IN THE CARDS Alfonso Academy
523 03:33 PM Solo Teen HEARTS ATTACH Dance Unlimited Miami
524 03:36 PM Solo Teen MILLSTONE Palmetto En Pointe
525 03:39 PM Solo Teen WONDERING Dance Unlimited Miami
526 03:42 PM Solo Teen UPON A WAVE Dance Attack
527 03:45 PM Solo Teen POWER OVER ME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
528 03:48 PM Solo Teen WRITER IN THE DARK Palmetto En Pointe
529 03:51 PM Solo Teen VIEWS FROM A TRAIN Academy for the Performing Arts
530 03:54 PM Solo Teen JE TE LAISSERAI DES MOTS Dancing Plus
___ 03:58 PM Judges Break
531 04:08 PM Solo Teen BRING ON THE MEN Dance Unlimited Miami
532 04:11 PM Solo Teen IF YOU HADN'T BUT YOU DID Dancing Plus
533 04:14 PM Solo Teen DOWNTOWN Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
534 04:17 PM Solo Teen RESCUE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
534A 04:20 PM Solo Teen MY LOVE Industry Dance
535 04:23 PM Solo Teen WORTHY Dance Mechanics
536 04:26 PM Solo Teen THESE ARMS OF MINE Dancing Plus
537 04:29 PM Solo Teen FIND ME Dance Mechanics
538 04:32 PM Solo Teen WITH SOMEBODY The Habitat Performing Arts Center
539 04:35 PM Solo Teen HOW TRUE IS YOUR LOVE Dance Mechanics
540 04:38 PM Solo Teen MILLION YEARS AGO Palmetto En Pointe
541 04:41 PM Solo Teen EVERMORE Dance Mechanics
542 04:45 PM Solo Teen LAST RESORT Focal Point Dance Studios
543 04:48 PM Solo Teen ANGEL Dance Attack
544 04:51 PM Solo Teen ELEPHANTS Dance Mechanics
545 04:54 PM Solo Teen FACE MY FEARS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
546 04:57 PM Solo Teen MOON Dance Productions Unlimited
547 05:00 PM Solo Teen WHEN I Warehouse Dance Complex
548 05:03 PM Solo Teen UNDER ICE Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
549 05:06 PM Solo Teen TO BE FREE Focal Point Dance Studios
550 05:09 PM Solo Teen SHAMIEKA Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
551 05:12 PM Solo Teen LOVE ME Dancing Plus
552 05:15 PM Solo Teen BLUE Dance Unlimited Miami
553 05:18 PM Solo Teen A PALE Dana's Studio of Dance-DV8 The Company
554 05:22 PM Solo Teen RUN Dance Unlimited Miami
555 05:25 PM Solo Teen CONFINEMENT Upstate Carolina Dance Center
556 05:28 PM Solo Teen LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND Industry Dance
557 05:31 PM Solo Teen THIS TIME NO TEARS Dance Universe
558 05:34 PM Solo Teen BENNIE & THE JETS Dancing Plus
559 05:37 PM Solo Teen HALF A MAN Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
560 05:40 PM Solo Teen BLOOD ON THE LEAVES Industry Dance
561 05:43 PM Solo Teen SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
562 05:46 PM Solo Teen LET ME FREE Dancing Plus
563 05:49 PM Solo Teen TO BE HUMAN Soul Studios
564 05:52 PM Solo Teen HOT KNIFE Dancing Plus
565 05:55 PM Solo Teen SPECTER Creative Edge Dance Center
566 05:59 PM Solo Teen HOLY Soul Studios
567 06:02 PM Solo Teen VOLCANIC Dancing Plus
568 06:05 PM Solo Teen GOLDWING Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
569 06:08 PM Solo Teen BEAUTIFUL The Habitat Performing Arts Center
570 06:11 PM Solo Teen LOOKING BACK Soul Studios
571 06:14 PM Solo Teen APRES MOI Dancing Plus
572 06:17 PM Solo Teen BAD DREAMS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
573 06:20 PM Solo Teen ATTACK Shock Dance Center
574 06:23 PM Line Junior THE TAKEOVER New Jersey Dance Fusion
575 06:27 PM Line Junior WATCH OUT Focal Point Dance Studios
576 06:32 PM Line Junior GOLD Dance Unlimited Miami
577 06:36 PM Line Junior SELAH Palmetto En Pointe
___ 06:40 PM Awards
578 07:10 PM Small Group Teen DANGEROUS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
579 07:13 PM Small Group Teen ENERGIA Dance Mechanics
580 07:16 PM Small Group Teen AIN'T NOTHING WRONG Erie Dance Theater
581 07:19 PM Small Group Teen I'D RATHER Dancing Plus
582 07:23 PM Small Group Teen WHAT I GOT Creative Edge Dance Center
583 07:26 PM Small Group Teen MY BIGGEST ENEMY IS ME Dance Du Coeur
584 07:29 PM Small Group Teen PARADISE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
585 07:32 PM Small Group Teen SPILL THE TEA Dance Mechanics
586 07:35 PM Small Group Teen ON TO YOU Dance Unlimited Miami
587 07:38 PM Small Group Senior SWEET DISPOSITION Dancing Plus
588 07:41 PM Small Group Senior AND WE FIND Dance Unlimited Miami
589 07:44 PM Small Group Teen MIND, HEART, SELF Creative Edge Dance Center
590 07:47 PM Small Group Teen CRAZY Palmetto En Pointe
591 07:50 PM Small Group Teen THE SINGER Dancing Plus
592 07:53 PM Small Group Teen KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR Empower Dance - Studio Acct
593 07:56 PM Small Group Teen BENEDICTION Focal Point Dance Studios
594 08:00 PM Small Group Teen YOUTH Evolution X Performing Arts
595 08:03 PM Small Group Teen WISH IT WAS EASY Palmetto En Pointe
596 08:06 PM Small Group Teen PERSISTENT VULNERABILITY Dance Mechanics
597 08:10 PM Small Group Teen HUNGER New Jersey Dance Fusion
598 08:13 PM Small Group Teen THIS WOMEN'S WORK Erie Dance Theater
599 08:16 PM Small Group Teen OF THE EARTH Dance Du Coeur
600 08:19 PM Small Group Teen GODSPEED Palmetto En Pointe
601 08:22 PM Small Group Teen SINNER MAN Dancing Plus
602 08:25 PM Small Group Teen PATHWAYS Creative Edge Dance Center
603 08:28 PM Small Group Teen OF MY OWN Dance Mechanics
604 08:32 PM Small Group Teen FIRE ON THE INSIDE New Jersey Dance Fusion
605 08:35 PM Small Group Teen SIGN OF THE TIME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
606 08:39 PM Small Group Teen RED RUN COLD Palmetto En Pointe
607 08:42 PM Line Teen DON'T GO YET Dancing Plus
608 08:46 PM Large Group Senior WORLD TOWN Dance Unlimited Miami
609 08:49 PM Small Group Teen BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT Erie Dance Theater
610 08:53 PM Small Group Teen GIRL FIGHT Evolution X Performing Arts
611 08:56 PM Small Group Teen WHEN SHE'S GONE Dance Mechanics
612 08:59 PM Small Group Teen A NEW DAY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
613 09:02 PM Small Group Teen MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE Palmetto En Pointe
614 09:06 PM Small Group Teen EASY ON ME Erie Dance Theater
615 09:09 PM Small Group Teen OVERTHINKER Dance Unlimited Miami
616 09:12 PM Small Group Teen INDIFFERENCE Dance Mechanics
617 09:15 PM Large Group Senior PLEASE HOLD FOR A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE Dance Unlimited Miami
618 09:19 PM Small Group Teen GET LOW Dancing Plus
619 09:22 PM Small Group Teen BUGGIN' Focal Point Dance Studios
620 09:25 PM Small Group Teen EVERYBODY TALKS Palmetto En Pointe
621 09:28 PM Small Group Teen BREATHE Creative Edge Dance Center
622 09:31 PM Small Group Teen MY FAULT, I FEAR Dance Du Coeur
623 09:34 PM Small Group Teen I CAN HEAR CRYING Dance Mechanics
624 09:38 PM Small Group Teen US Dancing Plus
625 09:41 PM Large Group Teen TILL IT'S OVER Focal Point Dance Studios
___ 09:44 PM Judges Break
626 09:54 PM Line Teen TORNADO Dancing Plus
627 09:58 PM Large Group Teen ABOUT THE WALK Empower Dance - Studio Acct
628 10:01 PM Large Group Teen DEVOTION Creative Edge Dance Center
629 10:05 PM Large Group Teen ME LIKEY Focal Point Dance Studios
630 10:08 PM Small Group Teen PUMP THE BRAKES Palmetto En Pointe
631 10:11 PM Large Group Teen THE MOB Evolution X Performing Arts
632 10:14 PM Small Group Senior WEIGHING ME DOWN Dancing Plus
633 10:17 PM Large Group Teen I KNOW IT'S OVER New Jersey Dance Fusion
634 10:21 PM Large Group Teen DON'T STOP THE MUSIC Empower Dance - Studio Acct
635 10:24 PM Large Group Teen WHY Focal Point Dance Studios
636 10:27 PM Large Group Teen FRIENDS Palmetto En Pointe
637 10:30 PM Large Group Teen LET GO OR BE DRAGGED Dance Du Coeur
638 10:35 PM Large Group Teen STREETLIGHTS Creative Edge Dance Center
639 10:38 PM Large Group Teen FROM FINNER Dance Unlimited Miami
640 10:41 PM Small Group Senior SPELL ON YOU Dancing Plus
641 10:44 PM Large Group Teen WORLD TOWN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
642 10:47 PM Large Group Teen 12.21.14 Focal Point Dance Studios
643 10:52 PM Large Group Teen COFFEE IN A CARDBOARD CUP Palmetto En Pointe
644 10:55 PM Large Group Teen MORNING STRUGGLE New Jersey Dance Fusion
645 10:58 PM Large Group Teen MY LOVE Dancing Plus
646 11:01 PM Large Group Teen TRY Dance Du Coeur
647 11:06 PM Large Group Teen SOMETHING IN THE WATER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
648 11:09 PM Large Group Teen SPICY Focal Point Dance Studios
649 11:12 PM Line Teen PUSH DA BUTTON Dance Unlimited Miami
650 11:16 PM Line Teen I CAN'T LOVE YOU Dancing Plus
651 11:21 PM Large Group Teen JUEGO Creative Edge Dance Center
652 11:24 PM Large Group Teen ELEVATOR Empower Dance - Studio Acct
653 11:27 PM Line Teen FUSION 3.0 New Jersey Dance Fusion
654 11:31 PM Line Teen OVER MY SHOULDER Dance Du Coeur
655 11:36 PM Small Group Senior MORE Dance Unlimited Miami
656 11:39 PM Small Group Senior NOTHINGNESS Dancing Plus
657 11:42 PM Small Group Senior MOONSONG Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
658 11:45 PM Small Group Senior SAKURA New Jersey Dance Fusion
___ 11:48 PM Awards