Title Finals Schedule and Gauntlet order will be released Thursday, June 29th.


1 06:30 PM Duo/Trio Mini WATCH ME Trendz Dance
2 06:33 PM Duo/Trio Mini LABELS OF LOVE 5th Dimension Dance Center
3 06:36 PM Duo/Trio Mini WHO'S THAT CHICK AVANTI Dance Company
4 06:39 PM Duo/Trio Mini SPARKLING DIAMONDS 5th Dimension Dance Center
5 06:42 PM Duo/Trio Mini GET DOWN ON IT AVANTI Dance Company
6 06:45 PM Duo/Trio Mini RYTHMNS OF THE NIGHT 5th Dimension Dance Center
7 06:48 PM Duo/Trio Mini NO ORDINARY LOVE Ellie Paige Dance Company
8 06:51 PM Duo/Trio Mini DREAMS Ellie Paige Dance Company
9 06:54 PM Duo/Trio Mini HUMAHUMA BBharts Performing Arts
10 06:57 PM Duo/Trio Mini STATIC Dance Universe
11 07:01 PM Duo/Trio Mini WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND Move Dance Family
12 07:04 PM Duo/Trio Mini WANDERLUST Ellie Paige Dance Company
13 07:08 PM Duo/Trio Mini SPARROW 5th Dimension Dance Center
14 07:11 PM Duo/Trio Mini ALWAYS AND FOREVER BBharts Performing Arts
15 07:14 PM Duo/Trio Mini SIZE Dance Mechanics
16 07:17 PM Duo/Trio Junior WALK FOR ME 5th Dimension Dance Center
17 07:20 PM Duo/Trio Junior DIE A LITTLE BIT Ellie Paige Dance Company
18 07:23 PM Duo/Trio Junior RAINING MEN Movement Montana
19 07:26 PM Duo/Trio Junior RESCUE ME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
20 07:29 PM Duo/Trio Junior REGARDS Focal Point Dance Studios
21 07:32 PM Duo/Trio Junior INDESTRUCTIBLE Warehouse Dance Complex
22 07:35 PM Duo/Trio Junior TROUBLE 5th Dimension Dance Center
23 07:38 PM Duo/Trio Junior MEETING IN THE LADIES ROOM Movement Montana
24 07:41 PM Duo/Trio Junior PERFECTION Focal Point Dance Studios
25 07:45 PM Duo/Trio Junior SAILBOAT Dancing Plus
26 07:48 PM Duo/Trio Junior BLOOD BANK 5th Dimension Dance Center
27 07:51 PM Duo/Trio Junior STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Dancing Plus
28 07:54 PM Duo/Trio Junior SUDDENLY STILL Movement Montana
29 07:57 PM Duo/Trio Junior I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU Dancing Plus
30 08:00 PM Duo/Trio Junior RIPTIDE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
31 08:03 PM Duo/Trio Junior NOW AND FOREVER Dance Universe
32 08:07 PM Duo/Trio Junior CAUGHT ON YOUR SLEEVE Dancing Plus
33 08:10 PM Duo/Trio Junior WHERE TIME IS ETERNAL Movement Montana
34 08:13 PM Duo/Trio Junior FEAR OF THE WATER The Habitat Performing Arts Center
35 08:16 PM Duo/Trio Junior SHIMMY LIKE THEY DO IN PAREE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
36 08:19 PM Duo/Trio Junior SISTERS BBharts Performing Arts
37 08:23 PM Duo/Trio Junior NORTH Dancing Plus
38 08:26 PM Duo/Trio Junior REMEMBER Dance Mechanics
39 08:29 PM Duo/Trio Junior GASOLINE RAINBOWS Dancing Plus
40 08:32 PM Duo/Trio Junior DANCE WITH ME Focal Point Dance Studios
41 08:35 PM Duo/Trio Junior DREAM EVIL Trendz Dance
42 08:38 PM Duo/Trio Junior SWEET LIKE COLA BBharts Performing Arts
43 08:41 PM Duo/Trio Junior DON'T FLY 5th Dimension Dance Center
44 08:44 PM Duo/Trio Junior GO YOUR OWN WAY Dancing Plus
___ 08:47 PM Awards
45 09:17 PM Duo/Trio Teen I LIVED Empower Dance - Studio Acct
46 09:20 PM Duo/Trio Teen BAGS 5th Dimension Dance Center
48 09:23 PM Duo/Trio Teen UNRAVELING 5th Dimension Dance Center
49 09:26 PM Duo/Trio Teen PEOPLE GET READY Dancing Plus
50 09:30 PM Duo/Trio Teen USED TO LOVE Studio 444 Performing Arts Academy
51 09:33 PM Duo/Trio Teen HOME American Expression of Dance
52 09:36 PM Duo/Trio Teen SONDER BBharts Performing Arts
53 09:39 PM Duo/Trio Teen LOSING YOU 5th Dimension Dance Center
54 09:42 PM Duo/Trio Teen VESTIGE Dance Mechanics
55 09:45 PM Duo/Trio Teen AS WE GO ALONG The Habitat Performing Arts Center
56 09:48 PM Duo/Trio Teen IN THE END Palmetto En Pointe
58 09:51 PM Duo/Trio Teen MUDDY WATER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
59 09:54 PM Duo/Trio Teen SEE NOW Focal Point Dance Studios
60 09:57 PM Duo/Trio Teen THREE WORDS Dance Mechanics
61 10:00 PM Duo/Trio Teen PEPA BBharts Performing Arts
62 10:03 PM Duo/Trio Teen MITOSIS BBharts Performing Arts
63 10:07 PM Duo/Trio Teen LANDSLIDE Dancing Plus
64 10:10 PM Duo/Trio Teen WINTER 5th Dimension Dance Center
65 10:13 PM Duo/Trio Teen NO SENSE Warehouse Dance Complex
66 10:16 PM Duo/Trio Teen OUGHTA GET THE BEST FOR ME BBharts Performing Arts
67 10:19 PM Duo/Trio Teen IN DISGUISE AVANTI Dance Company
68 10:22 PM Duo/Trio Teen AMERICAS GOT A PROBLEM Ellie Paige Dance Company
69 10:25 PM Duo/Trio Senior PYT BBharts Performing Arts
70 10:28 PM Duo/Trio Senior WE GOT THAT COOL Studio 444 Performing Arts Academy
71 10:31 PM Duo/Trio Senior RIVER Dancing Plus
72 10:34 PM Duo/Trio Senior OBSOLETE Warehouse Dance Complex
73 10:37 PM Duo/Trio Senior HAPPY DAYS Dancing Plus
75 10:40 PM Duo/Trio Senior HOMETOWN GLORY Dancing Plus
76 10:44 PM Duo/Trio Senior POLAR Soul Studios
77 10:47 PM Duo/Trio Senior TAUGHT NOTHING The Habitat Performing Arts Center
78 10:50 PM Duo/Trio Senior HEAVEN I KNOW Dance Mechanics
79 10:53 PM Duo/Trio Senior THE PARTY'S NOT OVER The Habitat Performing Arts Center
80 10:56 PM Duo/Trio Senior PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT ME Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
81 10:59 PM Duo/Trio Senior EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON Dancing Plus
82 11:02 PM Duo/Trio Senior EXILE Studio 444 Performing Arts Academy
83 11:05 PM Duo/Trio Senior WHEN WE'RE OLDER Dancing Plus
84 11:08 PM Duo/Trio Senior CALLING YOU 5th Dimension Dance Center
85 11:11 PM Duo/Trio Senior TEARS OF A ANGEL Empower Dance - Studio Acct
87 11:14 PM Duo/Trio Senior I DIDN'T KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH Empower Dance - Studio Acct
88 11:17 PM Duo/Trio Senior GROW AS WE GO Dancing Plus
89 11:21 PM Duo/Trio Senior AND DREAM OF SHEEP 5th Dimension Dance Center
90 11:24 PM Duo/Trio Senior CASH OUT 5th Dimension Dance Center
___ 11:27 PM Awards
91 07:00 AM Small Group Mini THESE BOOTS Dancing Plus
92 07:03 AM Small Group Mini DON'T STOP ME NOW AVANTI Dance Company
93 07:06 AM Small Group Mini LIPGLOSS Focal Point Dance Studios
94 07:09 AM Small Group Mini WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
95 07:13 AM Small Group Mini MOMMA Trendz Dance
96 07:16 AM Small Group Mini 100% PURE LOVE 5th Dimension Dance Center
97 07:19 AM Small Group Mini CHA CHA GIRLS Dancing Plus
98 07:22 AM Small Group Mini BANG BANG AVANTI Dance Company
99 07:26 AM Small Group Mini NOBODY'S PERFECT BBharts Performing Arts
100 07:29 AM Small Group Mini P. Y. T. 5th Dimension Dance Center
101 07:32 AM Small Group Mini FAME Focal Point Dance Studios
102 07:35 AM Small Group Mini CONFIDENT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
103 07:39 AM Small Group Mini ENDANGERED SPECIES Dancing Plus
104 07:42 AM Small Group Mini FREAKSHOW Ellie Paige Dance Company
105 07:45 AM Small Group Mini POKER FACE Dancing Plus
106 07:48 AM Small Group Mini BLACK BIRD AVANTI Dance Company
107 07:52 AM Small Group Mini VROOM VROOM Dancing Plus
108 07:55 AM Small Group Mini TRAGEDY 5th Dimension Dance Center
109 07:58 AM Small Group Mini WOLVES Ellie Paige Dance Company
110 08:01 AM Small Group Mini SMALLEST LIGHT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
111 08:05 AM Small Group Mini HOME AVANTI Dance Company
112 08:08 AM Small Group Mini COLORS OF THE WIND Dancing Plus
113 08:11 AM Small Group Mini LET'S DANCE AVANTI Dance Company
114 08:14 AM Small Group Junior CONGA The Habitat Performing Arts Center
115 08:18 AM Small Group Junior SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING Dance Mechanics
116 08:21 AM Small Group Junior DO YOU LOVE ME? AVANTI Dance Company
117 08:24 AM Small Group Junior LETS GO GIRLS BBharts Performing Arts
118 08:27 AM Small Group Junior TOY 5th Dimension Dance Center
119 08:31 AM Small Group Junior PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC Dancing Plus
120 08:34 AM Small Group Junior DONT SPEAK FRENCH Palmetto En Pointe
121 08:37 AM Small Group Junior VEGAS Ellie Paige Dance Company
122 08:40 AM Small Group Junior RICH GIRL Movement Montana
123 08:44 AM Small Group Junior TAKING OVER Focal Point Dance Studios
124 08:47 AM Small Group Junior AIN'T YOUR MAMA The Habitat Performing Arts Center
125 08:50 AM Small Group Junior LITTLE JOYS The Habitat Performing Arts Center
126 08:53 AM Small Group Junior ABOUT THE WEATHER Palmetto En Pointe
127 08:57 AM Small Group Junior BRAND NEW Dancing Plus
128 09:00 AM Small Group Junior BRING IT BACK TO ME Ellie Paige Dance Company
129 09:03 AM Small Group Junior I KNOW IT'S OVER 5th Dimension Dance Center
130 09:06 AM Small Group Junior VIENNA The Habitat Performing Arts Center
131 09:10 AM Small Group Junior SHARK SMILE Palmetto En Pointe
___ 09:13 AM Judges Break
132 09:23 AM Small Group Junior THE WAY I WAS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
133 09:26 AM Small Group Junior LOST AT SEA 5th Dimension Dance Center
134 09:29 AM Small Group Junior READ ALL ABOUT IT Dance Mechanics
135 09:33 AM Small Group Junior ALL I NEED Focal Point Dance Studios
136 09:36 AM Small Group Junior DARE Dance Mechanics
137 09:39 AM Small Group Junior FIGHT FOR ME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
138 09:42 AM Small Group Junior STANDING TALL Focal Point Dance Studios
139 09:46 AM Small Group Junior CALL ME MAYBE Warehouse Dance Complex
140 09:49 AM Small Group Junior MALLWALKERS The Habitat Performing Arts Center
141 09:52 AM Small Group Junior WIND IT The Habitat Performing Arts Center
142 09:55 AM Small Group Junior HIP HOP POLICE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
143 09:59 AM Small Group Junior DO IT LIKE THIS Dance Mechanics
144 10:02 AM Small Group Junior ELEANOR RIGBY 5th Dimension Dance Center
145 10:05 AM Small Group Junior SPICE UP YOUR LIFE Dance Mechanics
146 10:08 AM Small Group Junior SCHOOLYARD The Habitat Performing Arts Center
147 10:12 AM Small Group Junior THE DANCE Dancing Plus
148 10:15 AM Small Group Junior WINTER MORNING Ellie Paige Dance Company
149 10:18 AM Small Group Junior WHERE DO THE CHILDREN PLAY Movement Montana
150 10:21 AM Small Group Junior MAD The Habitat Performing Arts Center
151 10:25 AM Large Group Junior CLOSER Focal Point Dance Studios
152 10:28 AM Large Group Junior GET AWAY Dancing Plus
___ 10:31 AM Judges Break
153 10:41 AM Large Group Mini BELLHOP BOOGIE AVANTI Dance Company
154 10:44 AM Large Group Mini I'VE GOT RHYTHM Dancing Plus
155 10:48 AM Large Group Junior GLAM Dance Mechanics
156 10:51 AM Large Group Junior LE JAZZ HOT Dancing Plus
157 10:54 AM Large Group Junior THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL Empower Dance - Studio Acct
158 10:57 AM Large Group Junior ARTISTIC Focal Point Dance Studios
159 11:01 AM Large Group Junior RUN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
160 11:04 AM Large Group Junior MOVE Dance Mechanics
160A 11:07 AM Large Group Junior FUNKY TOWN Dancing Plus
161 11:10 AM Line Mini LET'S PARTY! AVANTI Dance Company
162 11:15 AM Line Mini COLOR MY WORLD 5th Dimension Dance Center
163 11:19 AM Line Mini WILD HORSES Dancing Plus
164 11:23 AM Large Group Junior LOVE IS A COMPASS Dance Mechanics
165 11:26 AM Large Group Junior LIKE A RIVER RUNS Dancing Plus
166 11:30 AM Large Group Junior SMALL WORLD Empower Dance - Studio Acct
167 11:33 AM Large Group Junior FOREVER YOUNG Dancing Plus
168 11:36 AM Large Group Junior RAVELED Focal Point Dance Studios
169 11:39 AM Large Group Junior FIGURE IT OUT Dance Mechanics
170 11:43 AM Line Mini BLUE JEANS Dancing Plus
171 11:47 AM Line Mini THE WINNER IS 5th Dimension Dance Center
172 11:51 AM Large Group Junior HE'S THE WIZARD Empower Dance - Studio Acct
173 11:54 AM Large Group Junior MONEY Dancing Plus
174 11:58 AM Large Group Junior I FEEL PRETTY BBharts Performing Arts
174A 12:01 PM Large Group Junior WHEN YOU'RE AN ADDAMS Dancing Plus
175 12:05 PM Line Mini BRING EM OUT Dancing Plus
176 12:09 PM Large Group Junior WHEN WE'RE OLDER Dance Mechanics
177 12:13 PM Large Group Junior DAISIES Empower Dance - Studio Acct
178 12:16 PM Large Group Junior ONCE WAS Focal Point Dance Studios
179 12:19 PM Large Group Junior BURN IT UP Dancing Plus
180 12:22 PM Large Group Junior THIS IS DEMBOW BBharts Performing Arts
181 12:26 PM Line Senior CELL BLOCK TANGO Dancing Plus
___ 12:30 PM Awards
182 01:15 PM Production Junior THE CONSTANT Focal Point Dance Studios
183 01:20 PM Production Junior MARY POPPINS IN SPAIN BBharts Performing Arts
184 01:25 PM Production Junior HERE WE GO Dancing Plus
185 01:31 PM Production Junior NEW YORK, NEW YORK Dance Mechanics
186 01:36 PM Production Junior PIECES OF ME Focal Point Dance Studios
187 01:42 PM Production Senior SANDS OF TIME Dancing Plus
188 01:47 PM Small Group Teen ALHAMBRA Warehouse Dance Complex
189 01:51 PM Small Group Teen ICON American Expression of Dance
190 01:54 PM Small Group Teen ON THE FLOOR Empower Dance - Studio Acct
191 01:57 PM Small Group Teen ONE TYPE OF DARK American Expression of Dance
192 02:00 PM Small Group Teen DANSE 5th Dimension Dance Center
193 02:04 PM Small Group Teen HEARTBURN Dancing Plus
194 02:07 PM Small Group Teen TAKE IT American Expression of Dance
195 02:10 PM Small Group Teen BAD TO THE BONE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
196 02:13 PM Small Group Teen TOXIC Dance Mechanics
197 02:17 PM Small Group Teen MYBOI Empower Dance - Studio Acct
198 02:20 PM Small Group Teen RELAX American Expression of Dance
199 02:23 PM Small Group Teen ZILLIONAIRE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
200 02:26 PM Small Group Teen SHE'S SUPER The Habitat Performing Arts Center
201 02:30 PM Small Group Teen URGENT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
202 02:33 PM Small Group Teen DANGEROUS Erie Dance Theater
203 02:36 PM Small Group Teen QUAKE American Expression of Dance
205 02:39 PM Small Group Teen CHIN UP Dance Mechanics
206 02:43 PM Small Group Teen HAMMER American Expression of Dance
207 02:46 PM Small Group Teen MAGNETIZED Ellie Paige Dance Company
208 02:49 PM Small Group Teen REDWOOD TREE American Expression of Dance
209 02:52 PM Small Group Teen HOME The Habitat Performing Arts Center
210 02:56 PM Small Group Teen HANDS Dance Mechanics
211 02:59 PM Small Group Teen BLUE American Expression of Dance
212 03:02 PM Small Group Teen LOSE SOMEBODY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
213 03:05 PM Small Group Teen LOVE ME LIKE YOU HATE ME Ellie Paige Dance Company
214 03:09 PM Small Group Teen WILD HEART CAN'T BE BROKEN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
215 03:12 PM Small Group Teen SNOWING Dancing Plus
___ 03:15 PM Judges Break
216 03:25 PM Small Group Teen BLUE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
217 03:28 PM Small Group Teen WRONG DIRECTION Empower Dance - Studio Acct
218 03:32 PM Small Group Teen EPIPHANY 5th Dimension Dance Center
219 03:35 PM Small Group Teen WISH YOU WELL Dance Mechanics
220 03:38 PM Small Group Teen HYMN Dancing Plus
221 03:41 PM Small Group Teen TELEPHONE Palmetto En Pointe
222 03:45 PM Small Group Teen INTERLINKED Erie Dance Theater
223 03:48 PM Small Group Teen DAY AFTER TOMORROW Dance Mechanics
224 03:51 PM Small Group Teen STORM American Expression of Dance
225 03:54 PM Small Group Teen STORIES FROM A MOTEL 6 The Habitat Performing Arts Center
226 03:58 PM Small Group Teen CHASING PAVEMENTS BBharts Performing Arts
227 04:01 PM Small Group Teen FIGHT SO HARD TO BE SEEN Warehouse Dance Complex
228 04:04 PM Small Group Teen THE END OF LOVE Dance Mechanics
229 04:07 PM Small Group Teen ISLANDS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
230 04:11 PM Small Group Teen TROUBLED SOULS The Habitat Performing Arts Center
231 04:14 PM Small Group Teen IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN American Expression of Dance
231A 04:17 PM Small Group Teen CUANDO NADIE ME VE BBharts Performing Arts
232 04:20 PM Small Group Teen THE GATE Palmetto En Pointe
233 04:24 PM Small Group Teen ULTRAVIOLET Dance Mechanics
234 04:27 PM Line Junior KEEP CLIMBING Dancing Plus
235 04:31 PM Small Group Teen ZAZZ Empower Dance - Studio Acct
236 04:34 PM Small Group Teen CINEMA ITALIANO American Expression of Dance
237 04:38 PM Small Group Teen ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
238 04:41 PM Small Group Teen MEIN HERR Dance Mechanics
240 04:44 PM Small Group Teen DAISIES Dance Mechanics
241 04:47 PM Small Group Teen WHITE LIES Palmetto En Pointe
242 04:51 PM Small Group Teen TWO STEPS AWAY Dancing Plus
243 04:54 PM Small Group Teen SHOUT Dance Mechanics
244 04:57 PM Small Group Teen RIBS Focal Point Dance Studios
245 05:00 PM Line Junior CIRCLE GAME Dancing Plus
246 05:05 PM Small Group Teen ON FIRE American Expression of Dance
247 05:08 PM Small Group Teen CALM DOWN American Expression of Dance
248 05:11 PM Small Group Teen ROLLION STONE Erie Dance Theater
249 05:14 PM Small Group Teen HOLD UP American Expression of Dance
250 05:18 PM Small Group Teen I CAME TO PARTY American Expression of Dance
251 05:21 PM Small Group Teen N 2 DEEP Warehouse Dance Complex
252 05:24 PM Small Group Teen WAKE UP American Expression of Dance
___ 05:27 PM Judges Break
253 05:37 PM Line Junior BLESSED Empower Dance - Studio Acct
254 05:42 PM Line Junior ABOUT THAT TIME Dancing Plus
255 05:46 PM Line Junior BREEZY Focal Point Dance Studios
256 05:50 PM Small Group Teen DESPECHÁ Warehouse Dance Complex
257 05:53 PM Small Group Teen BULERIA BBharts Performing Arts
258 05:58 PM Small Group Teen ON THE EDGE Dancing Plus
259 06:01 PM Line Junior FROM NO HEIGHT Dancing Plus
260 06:05 PM Small Group Teen LOVE IS ALL The Habitat Performing Arts Center
261 06:08 PM Small Group Teen WORLD TOWN Erie Dance Theater
262 06:12 PM Small Group Teen WHAT KIND OF MAN Dance Mechanics
263 06:15 PM Small Group Teen SMOKE SIGNALS Studio 444 Performing Arts Academy
264 06:18 PM Small Group Teen SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW Dancing Plus
265 06:21 PM Small Group Teen WITH A RED The Habitat Performing Arts Center
266 06:25 PM Small Group Teen CUTE American Expression of Dance
267 06:28 PM Small Group Teen CANNED HEAT Warehouse Dance Complex
268 06:31 PM Small Group Teen KISS KISS Focal Point Dance Studios
269 06:34 PM Extended Production Teen VINYL Dancing Plus
___ 06:42 PM Awards
270 07:27 PM Small Group Senior CODY BANKS 5th Dimension Dance Center
271 07:30 PM Large Group Teen WHO AND WHAT SHE WANTS BBharts Performing Arts
272 07:33 PM Large Group Teen WHEN I GROW UP Empower Dance - Studio Acct
273 07:36 PM Large Group Teen MOVE Warehouse Dance Complex
274 07:41 PM Large Group Teen THAT'S LIFE Dancing Plus
275 07:44 PM Large Group Teen DEAR SIR Focal Point Dance Studios
276 07:47 PM Large Group Teen SMOKE SIGNALS 5th Dimension Dance Center
277 07:50 PM Large Group Teen GRAVITY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
278 07:54 PM Large Group Teen YOUR REALITY Palmetto En Pointe
279 07:57 PM Large Group Teen ACHILLES COME DOWN The Habitat Performing Arts Center
280 08:00 PM Large Group Teen FALLEN Focal Point Dance Studios
281 08:03 PM Large Group Teen HURT 5th Dimension Dance Center
282 08:07 PM Large Group Teen HOME WITH YOU American Expression of Dance
283 08:10 PM Large Group Teen SMOKE SIGNALS Palmetto En Pointe
284 08:13 PM Large Group Teen KEEPS ME The Habitat Performing Arts Center
285 08:17 PM Large Group Teen BLUE Focal Point Dance Studios
286 08:21 PM Large Group Teen DUST BOWL 5th Dimension Dance Center
287 08:24 PM Large Group Teen NICEST KIDS IN TOWN Dance Mechanics
288 08:27 PM Large Group Teen HONEY HONEY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
289 08:30 PM Large Group Teen THE WORLD WAS WIDE ENOUGH Dancing Plus
290 08:35 PM Large Group Teen STEAM HEAT Palmetto En Pointe
291 08:38 PM Large Group Teen BOB IN THE RAIN 5th Dimension Dance Center
292 08:41 PM Large Group Teen DOWNTOWN Empower Dance - Studio Acct
293 08:44 PM Large Group Teen 5 X Focal Point Dance Studios
294 08:48 PM Large Group Teen IMMA BE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
295 08:51 PM Large Group Teen 1977 The Habitat Performing Arts Center
296 08:55 PM Large Group Senior GLITTER 5th Dimension Dance Center
297 08:58 PM Large Group Senior ORDINARY PEOPLE Dancing Plus
___ 09:02 PM Judges Break
298 09:12 PM Small Group Senior A PALÉ American Expression of Dance
299 09:15 PM Small Group Senior THE PAINTING 5th Dimension Dance Center
300 09:18 PM Line Teen I DON'T SPEAK FRENCH Dance Mechanics
301 09:22 PM Line Teen THE RECIPE Warehouse Dance Complex
302 09:27 PM Line Teen BACK IN TIME Dancing Plus
303 09:31 PM Line Teen KING OF NEW YORK Empower Dance - Studio Acct
304 09:35 PM Line Teen THEM The Habitat Performing Arts Center
305 09:39 PM Line Teen RELIANCE Dance Mechanics
307 09:44 PM Line Teen WHICH WITCH Dancing Plus
308 09:48 PM Line Teen PUMP LIKE THAT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
309 09:52 PM Production Teen CAN'T STOP Focal Point Dance Studios
310 09:57 PM Production Teen HIGH FASHION 5th Dimension Dance Center
311 10:03 PM Line Teen WHICH WITCH Dance Mechanics
312 10:07 PM Line Teen HYPERBALLAD Dancing Plus
313 10:11 PM Small Group Senior WOMAN American Expression of Dance
314 10:14 PM Small Group Senior I'M ALRIGHT 5th Dimension Dance Center
314A 10:18 PM Line Teen BLAST OFF Warehouse Dance Complex
___ 10:22 PM Judges Break
315 10:32 PM Small Group Senior CHANGE American Expression of Dance
316 10:35 PM Small Group Senior BE MY BABY Dancing Plus
317 10:38 PM Small Group Senior UNCHAIN MY HEART BBharts Performing Arts
318 10:42 PM Small Group Senior GREY 5th Dimension Dance Center
319 10:45 PM Small Group Senior VERSIONS OF ME The Habitat Performing Arts Center
320 10:48 PM Small Group Senior OH WHAT A MESS I'M IN American Expression of Dance
321 10:51 PM Small Group Senior DROPS OF JUPITER Dancing Plus
322 10:55 PM Small Group Senior CARELESS WHISPERS Warehouse Dance Complex
323 10:58 PM Small Group Senior TO BE LOVED 5th Dimension Dance Center
324 11:01 PM Small Group Senior BOSS The Habitat Performing Arts Center
325 11:04 PM Small Group Senior PRESSURE American Expression of Dance
326 11:08 PM Small Group Senior STAY AWAY Dancing Plus
___ 11:11 PM Awards
327 07:00 AM Solo Mini HIDE AND SEEK The Movement Complex
328 07:03 AM Solo Mini SPEECHLESS- The Point Dance Studio* Jeanine Nielson
331 07:06 AM Solo Teen SO HERE WE ARE Movement Montana
332 07:09 AM Solo Teen PEOPLE SAY Palmetto En Pointe
333 07:12 AM Solo Teen COME ON LET'S GO Movement Montana
334 07:30 AM Solo Mini BE MY BABY Trendz Dance
335 07:33 AM Solo Mini WEIRD PEOPLE AVANTI Dance Company
336 07:36 AM Solo Mini SIZE 5th Dimension Dance Center
337 07:39 AM Solo Mini WAKE ME UP AVANTI Dance Company
338 07:42 AM Solo Mini SHAKE YOUR TAIL FEATHER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
339 07:45 AM Solo Mini FERGALICIOUS AVANTI Dance Company
340 07:48 AM Solo Mini SASS The Point Dance Studio* Jeanine Nielson
341 07:51 AM Solo Mini ME TOO Empower Dance - Studio Acct
342 07:54 AM Solo Mini GET HAPPY Dancing Plus
343 07:57 AM Solo Mini SCHOOLIN LIFE 5th Dimension Dance Center
344 08:00 AM Solo Mini YES I CAN Above the Barre
345 08:03 AM Solo Mini NOTHING BUT THE BEST AVANTI Dance Company
346 08:06 AM Solo Mini LET'S GO CRAZY Warehouse Dance Complex
347 08:09 AM Solo Mini WIND IT UP AVANTI Dance Company
348 08:12 AM Solo Mini VENUS Yackel Dance Studio
349 08:15 AM Solo Mini MORE THAN A WOMAN AVANTI Dance Company
350 08:18 AM Solo Mini NEW ATTITUDE 5th Dimension Dance Center
351 08:21 AM Solo Mini ARIANA (LIVE) AVANTI Dance Company
352 08:24 AM Solo Mini GOTTA BE Move Dance Family
353 08:27 AM Solo Mini GET RIGHT AVANTI Dance Company
354 08:30 AM Solo Mini COVER GIRL 5th Dimension Dance Center
355 08:33 AM Solo Mini THESE BOOTS AVANTI Dance Company
356 08:36 AM Solo Mini BLAH BLAH BLAH, CHA CHA CHA The Point Dance Studio* Jeanine Nielson
357 08:39 AM Solo Mini MAMBO #5 AVANTI Dance Company
358 08:42 AM Solo Mini FASHION AVANTI Dance Company
359 08:45 AM Solo Mini LOYAL BRAVE AND TRUE Palmetto En Pointe
360 08:48 AM Solo Mini BAD DREAM Dance Universe
361 08:51 AM Solo Mini ONE BEAUTIFUL EVENING Soul Studios
362 08:54 AM Solo Mini EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE 3NMotion Dance Studio
363 08:57 AM Solo Mini ANOTHER LOVE Ellie Paige Dance Company
364 09:00 AM Solo Mini WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW Dancing Plus
365 09:03 AM Solo Mini DREAM ON The Habitat Performing Arts Center
366 09:06 AM Solo Mini SNOW Movement Montana
367 09:09 AM Solo Mini RED DUST K&D Company
368 09:12 AM Solo Mini HALO JLDC, LLC
369 09:15 AM Solo Mini TEAR K&D Company
370 09:18 AM Solo Mini STOLE THE SHOW Pure Movement Dance
370A 09:21 AM Solo Mini RECKLESS YOUTH Alfonso Academy
371 09:24 AM Solo Mini ROOFTOP Mpact Dance Project
372 09:27 AM Solo Mini DIM Ellie Paige Dance Company
373 09:30 AM Solo Mini LITTLE BIRD Movement Montana
374 09:33 AM Solo Mini HOLDING ME Ellie Paige Dance Company
___ 09:36 AM Judges Break
374A 09:46 AM Solo Mini CAFE PARFAIT Pure Movement Dance
375 09:49 AM Solo Mini LIFE OF THE PARTY Movement Montana
376 09:52 AM Solo Mini HONEY BUN AVANTI Dance Company
377 09:55 AM Solo Mini MACAVITY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
378 09:58 AM Solo Mini LEGALLY BLONDE The Movement Complex
379 10:01 AM Solo Mini LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU Dancing Plus
380 10:04 AM Solo Mini SWEET CHILD OF MINE 5th Dimension Dance Center
381 10:07 AM Solo Mini YOU ARE THE REASON Dancing Plus
382 10:10 AM Solo Mini HOME Dance Universe
383 10:13 AM Solo Mini GOLDEN SLUMBERS 5th Dimension Dance Center
384 10:16 AM Solo Mini DREAM Dance Universe
385 10:19 AM Solo Mini ELEPHANTS 5th Dimension Dance Center
386 10:22 AM Solo Mini YOU CANNOT LOSE MY LOVE Movement Montana
387 10:25 AM Solo Mini WELCOME HOME 5th Dimension Dance Center
388 10:28 AM Solo Mini YOUR SONG Dancing Plus
389 10:31 AM Solo Mini LULLABY Dancing Plus
390 10:34 AM Solo Mini STAND BY ME 5th Dimension Dance Center
391 10:37 AM Solo Mini ANGEL Dancing Plus
392 10:40 AM Solo Mini ANYWHERE BUT HERE Dance Mechanics
392A 10:43 AM Solo Mini EVERYWHERE I GO Ellie Paige Dance Company
393 10:46 AM Solo Mini IRRELEVANT Dancing Plus
394 10:49 AM Solo Mini BLUEBIRD 5th Dimension Dance Center
395 10:52 AM Solo Mini BELIEVE Dancing Plus
396 10:55 AM Solo Mini THE LIGHT Trendz Dance
397 10:58 AM Solo Mini WHATEVER LOLA WANTS BBharts Performing Arts
398 11:01 AM Solo Mini STRETCH YOUR EYES Ellie Paige Dance Company
399 11:04 AM Solo Mini GLORY TO BAST Move Dance Family
400 11:07 AM Solo Mini WEIRD SCIENCE AVANTI Dance Company
401 11:10 AM Solo Mini LIMITLESS Radar Dance Complex
402 11:13 AM Solo Mini MUSIC BOX DANCER Xplosive Dance Academy
___ 11:16 AM Judges Break
403 11:26 AM Solo Junior OUR LIPS ARE SEALED Dancing Plus
404 11:29 AM Solo Junior KILLA FUNK 5th Dimension Dance Center
405 11:32 AM Solo Junior YES, YES I CAN Dance Mechanics
406 11:35 AM Solo Junior MONY MONY AVANTI Dance Company
407 11:38 AM Solo Junior EASY Dancing Plus
408 11:41 AM Solo Junior ATTITUDE AVANTI Dance Company
409 11:44 AM Solo Junior BOOM Empower Dance - Studio Acct
410 11:47 AM Solo Junior SHE'S SO FABULOUS BBharts Performing Arts
411 11:50 AM Solo Junior I DON'T SPEAK FRENCH 5th Dimension Dance Center
412 11:53 AM Solo Junior MOVE AVANTI Dance Company
413 11:56 AM Solo Junior SAY SOMETHING Move Dance Family
414 11:59 AM Solo Junior THE PARTYS JUST BEGUN Palmetto En Pointe
415 12:02 PM Solo Junior 9 TO 5! AVANTI Dance Company
416 12:05 PM Solo Junior MOVE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
417 12:08 PM Solo Junior PENNIES FROM HEAVEN Dance Mechanics
418 12:11 PM Solo Junior LOVE FOOL Dancing Plus
419 12:14 PM Solo Junior I AIN'T YOUR MAMA Empower Dance - Studio Acct
420 12:17 PM Solo Junior RUN THAT BACK Focal Point Dance Studios
421 12:20 PM Solo Junior I NEED A HERO Empower Dance - Studio Acct
422 12:23 PM Solo Junior EL CAMINO 5th Dimension Dance Center
423 12:26 PM Solo Junior DO IT LIKE THIS AVANTI Dance Company
424 12:29 PM Solo Junior LOOKING AT ME Studio 444 Performing Arts Academy
425 12:32 PM Solo Junior THE MOON IS MINE Dance Mechanics
426 12:35 PM Solo Junior SASSY American Expression of Dance
427 12:38 PM Solo Junior BURNIN' UP Dance Mechanics
428 12:41 PM Solo Junior ONE NIGHT IN BANKOK Empower Dance - Studio Acct
429 12:44 PM Solo Junior DO MY THING Dance Mechanics
430 12:47 PM Solo Junior ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST On Stage Dance Studio
431 12:50 PM Solo Junior GET UP Dance Mechanics
432 12:53 PM Solo Junior SUÉLTATE Palmetto En Pointe
433 12:56 PM Solo Junior ALL SHOOK UP Dance Mechanics
434 12:59 PM Solo Junior RATHER BE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
435 01:02 PM Solo Junior PASSION Dance Mechanics
436 01:05 PM Solo Junior BLACK CAT 5th Dimension Dance Center
437 01:08 PM Solo Junior SELF LOVE Dance Mechanics
438 01:11 PM Solo Junior BILLS Movement Montana
439 01:14 PM Solo Junior SET IT ALL FREE Dance Mechanics
440 01:17 PM Solo Junior MONEY 5th Dimension Dance Center
441 01:20 PM Solo Junior BLACK N' GOLD Pure Movement Dance
442 01:23 PM Solo Junior ICON 5th Dimension Dance Center
443 01:26 PM Solo Junior PILOT WITH OUT A FEAR Empower Dance - Studio Acct
444 01:29 PM Solo Junior ANOTHER ONE TADA
444A 01:32 PM Solo Junior WISH YOU NEVER Focal Point Dance Studios
445 01:35 PM Solo Junior CONTROL Dance Mechanics
___ 01:38 PM Awards
446 02:23 PM Solo Teen MACAVITY BBharts Performing Arts
447 02:26 PM Solo Teen WOO American Expression of Dance
448 02:29 PM Solo Teen TERRIBLE THINGS BBharts Performing Arts
449 02:32 PM Solo Teen FAMOUS American Expression of Dance
450 02:35 PM Solo Teen PAPARAZZI Empower Dance - Studio Acct
451 02:38 PM Solo Teen EGO American Expression of Dance
452 02:41 PM Solo Teen LITTLE LIES AVANTI Dance Company
453 02:44 PM Solo Teen WORSHIP ME 5th Dimension Dance Center
454 02:47 PM Solo Teen UNIQUE Focal Point Dance Studios
455 02:50 PM Solo Teen SUPERCUT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
456 02:53 PM Solo Teen MI AMOR 5th Dimension Dance Center
457 02:56 PM Solo Teen GROOVE IS IN THE HEART Creative Edge Dance Center
458 02:59 PM Solo Teen BARRACUDA The Habitat Performing Arts Center
459 03:02 PM Solo Teen DANGEROUS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
460 03:05 PM Solo Teen HAUNTED 5th Dimension Dance Center
461 03:08 PM Solo Teen MAKE YOU MINE Encore Dance Theatre
462 03:11 PM Solo Teen HAUNTED Dancing Plus
463 03:14 PM Solo Teen A LOST LOVE Dance Universe
464 03:17 PM Solo Teen THULE Erie Dance Theater
465 03:20 PM Solo Teen WEREWOLF Ellie Paige Dance Company
466 03:23 PM Solo Teen GOD ONLY KNOWS Palmetto En Pointe
467 03:26 PM Solo Teen TIME'S RUNNING OUT Dance Mechanics
469 03:29 PM Solo Teen DEEP IN MY HEART Movement Montana
470 03:32 PM Solo Teen HEAVEN IS HERE Dancing Plus
471 03:35 PM Solo Teen DO YOU FEEL REAL Erie Dance Theater
472 03:38 PM Solo Teen VALIS Dance Mechanics
473 03:41 PM Solo Teen BLOWING IN THE WIND Dancing Plus
474 03:44 PM Solo Teen WHAT HE WROTE 5th Dimension Dance Center
475 03:47 PM Solo Teen THE SEASONS Dancing Plus
476 03:50 PM Solo Teen RULE THE WORLD Dance Mechanics
477 03:53 PM Solo Teen RESISTANCE Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
477A 03:56 PM Solo Teen THE CHAIN Dance Universe
478 03:59 PM Solo Teen SURFACING 5th Dimension Dance Center
479 04:02 PM Solo Teen COSMIC LOVE Dancing Plus
480 04:05 PM Solo Teen TORE MY HEART The Habitat Performing Arts Center
481 04:08 PM Solo Teen NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU 5th Dimension Dance Center
482 04:11 PM Solo Teen MUTUAL CORE Creative Edge Dance Center
483 04:14 PM Solo Teen FALL INTO ME Dance Mechanics
484 04:17 PM Solo Teen CRYING North Austin Dance Artists
485 04:20 PM Solo Teen HIT THE ROAD JACK American Expression of Dance
486 04:23 PM Solo Teen IN DREAMS Dancing Plus
487 04:26 PM Solo Teen REDBONE Erie Dance Theater
488 04:29 PM Solo Teen HIGH WATER Dancing Plus
489 04:32 PM Solo Teen LOVE CALLS YOU BY YOUR NAME 5th Dimension Dance Center
490 04:35 PM Solo Teen LIE DOWN WITH ME Industry Dance
491 04:38 PM Solo Teen EDGE Dancing Plus
492 04:41 PM Solo Teen ARE WE STILL FRIENDS Soul Studios
493 04:44 PM Solo Teen MY MAN Dancing Plus
494 04:47 PM Solo Teen NICEST THING Dancers Corner
495 04:50 PM Solo Teen OUT OF TIME Focal Point Dance Studios
496 04:53 PM Solo Teen AFFECTION The Habitat Performing Arts Center
___ 04:56 PM Judges Break
497 05:06 PM Solo Senior MERCY Encore Dance Theatre
498 05:09 PM Solo Senior MOTHERLESS CHILD Dancing Plus
499 05:12 PM Solo Senior LOVE GAME 5th Dimension Dance Center
500 05:15 PM Solo Senior ONE Warehouse Dance Complex
501 05:18 PM Solo Senior HE AIN'T WITH ME NOW 5th Dimension Dance Center
502 05:21 PM Solo Senior HEY TROUBLE American Expression of Dance
502A 05:24 PM Solo Senior LAST DANCE greater austin dance academy
503 05:27 PM Solo Senior LOVE ON THE BRAIN Dancing Plus
504 05:30 PM Solo Senior CINEMA ITALIANO Dance Mechanics
505 05:33 PM Solo Senior THESE BOOTS 5th Dimension Dance Center
506 05:36 PM Solo Senior DON'T SPEAK BBharts Performing Arts
507 05:39 PM Solo Senior BRING ON THE MEN 5th Dimension Dance Center
508 05:42 PM Solo Senior REACH FOR TOMORROW Dancing Plus
509 05:45 PM Solo Senior THE NEARNESS OF YOU RJ's Dance Studios- Chesterfield
510 05:48 PM Solo Senior THE END Dancing Plus
511 05:51 PM Solo Senior QUITE MISS HOME Empower Dance - Studio Acct
512 05:54 PM Solo Senior MY REFLECTION Dance Mechanics
513 05:57 PM Solo Senior YOUNG & FREE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
514 06:00 PM Solo Senior EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE K&D Company
515 06:03 PM Solo Senior WHEN WE MEET AGAIN The Habitat Performing Arts Center
516 06:06 PM Solo Senior SMOKE SIGNALS Dancing Plus
517 06:09 PM Solo Senior GALE SONG Dance Mechanics
518 06:12 PM Solo Senior FINAL CURTAIN The Habitat Performing Arts Center
519 06:15 PM Solo Senior A SONG FOR YOU AVANTI Dance Company
520 06:18 PM Solo Senior VIOLENCE Palmetto En Pointe
521 06:21 PM Solo Senior BLACK LIGHT Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
522 06:24 PM Solo Senior FIELD BELOW Dancing Plus
523 06:27 PM Solo Senior FUNERAL Dance Mechanics
524 06:30 PM Solo Senior THAT'S LIFE Focal Point Dance Studios
525 06:33 PM Solo Senior WHEN WE'RE OLDER Palmetto En Pointe
526 06:36 PM Solo Senior DISSONANCE Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
527 06:39 PM Solo Senior WAITING GAME Focal Point Dance Studios
528 06:42 PM Solo Senior HALLELUJAH Dancing Plus
529 06:45 PM Solo Senior I STILL REMEMBER Studio 444 Performing Arts Academy
530 06:48 PM Solo Senior LOVING, LOVING Dance Mechanics
531 06:51 PM Solo Senior GHOST The Habitat Performing Arts Center
532 06:54 PM Solo Senior FOR LOVERS Palmetto En Pointe
533 06:57 PM Solo Senior YOUR FACE Dancing Plus
534 07:00 PM Solo Senior SMILE Movement Montana
535 07:03 PM Solo Senior NE ME QUITTE PAS Dancing Plus
536 07:06 PM Solo Senior LINGER IN THE SUN AVANTI Dance Company
537 07:09 PM Solo Senior SOUND OF SILENCE Movement Montana
538 07:12 PM Solo Senior DÍA 14 DE ABRIL Warehouse Dance Complex
539 07:15 PM Solo Senior MUCHACHO Movement Montana
540 07:18 PM Solo Senior PUNISHER Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
541 07:21 PM Solo Senior NEVER IS A PROMISE 5th Dimension Dance Center
543 07:24 PM Solo Senior EYES CLOSED Dancing Plus
___ 07:27 PM Judges Break
544 07:37 PM Solo Senior MOVE ON Dancing Plus
545 07:40 PM Solo Senior THE WAITING AVANTI Dance Company
546 07:43 PM Solo Senior GLACIER Dancing Plus
547 07:46 PM Solo Senior AGAIN The Habitat Performing Arts Center
548 07:49 PM Solo Senior HURT Dancing Plus
549 07:52 PM Solo Senior NOTHING COMPARES K&D Company
550 07:55 PM Solo Senior WHO YOU ARE Dancing Plus
551 07:58 PM Solo Senior NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY Erie Dance Theater
552 08:01 PM Solo Senior IT'S BEEN A YEAR Dancing Plus
552A 08:04 PM Solo Senior 17 Mpact Dance Project
553 08:07 PM Solo Senior GIMME ALL YOUR LOVE 5th Dimension Dance Center
554 08:10 PM Solo Senior PIANO MAN Dancing Plus
555 08:13 PM Solo Senior GHOST STORY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
556 08:16 PM Solo Senior SOMEWHERE Dancing Plus
557 08:19 PM Solo Senior BANG BANG 5th Dimension Dance Center
558 08:22 PM Solo Senior I CRY LIKE A GIRL Pure Movement Dance
559 08:25 PM Solo Senior I'M SO HURT 5th Dimension Dance Center
560 08:28 PM Solo Senior TIME The Habitat Performing Arts Center
561 08:31 PM Solo Senior MINE 5th Dimension Dance Center
562 08:34 PM Solo Senior OF YOU The Habitat Performing Arts Center
563 08:37 PM Solo Senior STOP. FOCUS. Dancing Plus
563A 08:40 PM Solo Senior SLOW DOWN Evolve Dance Studio
564 08:43 PM Solo Senior GORGEOUS 5th Dimension Dance Center
565 08:46 PM Solo Senior GALE SONG Dancing Plus
566 08:49 PM Solo Senior FIRST TIME EVER Palmetto En Pointe
567 08:52 PM Solo Senior LIVE ANOTHER LIFE Dancing Plus
568 08:55 PM Solo Senior UNCHAINED MELODY Dancing Plus
569 08:58 PM Solo Senior STAY AVANTI Dance Company
570 09:01 PM Solo Senior I GUSS I;M IN LOVE Erie Dance Theater
571 09:04 PM Solo Senior AT ALL 5th Dimension Dance Center
572 09:07 PM Solo Senior FLOWERS Dancing Plus
573 09:10 PM Solo Senior FOREVER The Habitat Performing Arts Center
574 09:13 PM Solo Senior UNBREAK MY HEART 5th Dimension Dance Center
575 09:16 PM Solo Senior HERE I AM Dancing Plus
577 09:19 PM Solo Senior THE LETTING GO Dancing Plus
578 09:22 PM Solo Senior JEALOUS American Expression of Dance
579 09:25 PM Solo Senior A SONG FOR YOU Dancing Plus
580 09:28 PM Solo Senior THE LOVE YOU LEFT BEHIND The Habitat Performing Arts Center
581 09:31 PM Solo Senior WHAT WEIGHS ME DOWN Focal Point Dance Studios
582 09:34 PM Solo Senior MR. PINSTRIPE SUIT Empower Dance - Studio Acct
583 09:37 PM Solo Senior PERHAPS Warehouse Dance Complex
584 09:40 PM Solo Senior SKYLARK Creative Edge Dance Center
585 09:43 PM Solo Senior VESTALKA VARIATION Dancing Plus
___ 09:46 PM Judges Break
586 09:56 PM Solo Senior WINNER TAKES ALL Dancing Plus
587 09:59 PM Solo Senior BLACK AND GOLD The Habitat Performing Arts Center
588 10:02 PM Solo Senior DON'T THINK TWICE, IT'S ALRIGHT Dancing Plus
589 10:05 PM Solo Senior STOP TO LISTEN The Habitat Performing Arts Center
590 10:08 PM Solo Senior HELLO EARTH Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
591 10:11 PM Solo Senior IT GIRL AVANTI Dance Company
592 10:14 PM Solo Senior ARE WE STILL FRIENDS Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
593 10:17 PM Solo Senior MOONLIGHT Focal Point Dance Studios
594 10:20 PM Solo Senior WAKING UP Dancing Plus
595 10:23 PM Solo Senior MARIONETTE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
597 10:26 PM Solo Senior LA VIE EN ROSE Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
598 10:29 PM Solo Senior ON MY WAY The Habitat Performing Arts Center
599 10:32 PM Solo Senior RIGHT ON TIME Dancing Plus
600 10:35 PM Solo Senior HE VENIDO Pure Movement Dance
601 10:38 PM Solo Senior MAYBE I'M AMAZED Dancing Plus
602 10:41 PM Solo Senior RULE THE WORLD Creative Edge Dance Center
603 10:44 PM Solo Senior THIS WOMAN'S WORK K&D Company
604 10:47 PM Solo Senior BETTER BELIEVE Dancing Plus
605 10:50 PM Solo Senior MEDICINE 5th Dimension Dance Center
606 10:53 PM Solo Senior TAKE IT ALL Dancing Plus
607 10:56 PM Solo Senior OH ANA Pure Movement Dance
608 10:59 PM Solo Senior LADY 5th Dimension Dance Center
609 11:02 PM Solo Senior PINK Dancing Plus
610 11:05 PM Solo Senior DANCE ME TO THE END 5th Dimension Dance Center
611 11:08 PM Solo Senior STRANGE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
612 11:11 PM Solo Senior PHANTOM REGRET Shock Dance Center
613 11:14 PM Solo Senior WEAKNESS IN ME 5th Dimension Dance Center
613A 11:17 PM Solo Senior OVER SOON The Wright Step School of Dance
___ 11:20 PM Awards
614 07:30 AM Solo Teen BREATHE AGAIN Dance Mechanics
616 07:33 AM Solo Teen SAY IT AGAIN Dance Mechanics
617 07:36 AM Solo Teen SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS The Habitat Performing Arts Center
618 07:39 AM Solo Teen PROSERPINA 5th Dimension Dance Center
619 07:42 AM Solo Teen MYSTERIOUS UNFOLD Dance Universe
620 07:45 AM Solo Teen WORTH SAVING Dance Mechanics
620A 07:48 AM Solo Teen PORCELAIN Ellie Paige Dance Company
621 07:51 AM Solo Teen 42 Palmetto En Pointe
622 07:54 AM Solo Teen STRANGE. Dance Mechanics
623 07:57 AM Solo Teen LONELY IN LOVE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
624 08:00 AM Solo Teen BASSET HOUND Dance Mechanics
625 08:03 AM Solo Teen I LIVE NOW AS A SINGER Palmetto En Pointe
626 08:06 AM Solo Teen TOWARDS THE SUN Dance Mechanics
627 08:09 AM Solo Teen ALTERNATE PARADIGM American Expression of Dance
628 08:12 AM Solo Teen HOPE Focal Point Dance Studios
629 08:15 AM Solo Teen CAN I Movement Montana
630 08:18 AM Solo Teen LOST Studio 444 Performing Arts Academy
631 08:21 AM Solo Teen BITS AND PIECES American Expression of Dance
632 08:24 AM Solo Teen DEEP END Focal Point Dance Studios
633 08:27 AM Solo Teen ON THE RUN AVANTI Dance Company
634 08:30 AM Solo Teen A MEMORY Movement Montana
635 08:33 AM Solo Teen IN THE STAR Empower Dance - Studio Acct
636 08:36 AM Solo Teen FOREVER ENDEAVOR Movement Montana
637 08:39 AM Solo Teen NO OTHER LOVE Dancing Plus
638 08:42 AM Solo Teen THESIS Movement Montana
639 08:45 AM Solo Teen MOON SONG Focal Point Dance Studios
640 08:48 AM Solo Teen OVER SOON Soul Studios
641 08:51 AM Solo Teen FALLING Dancing Plus
642 08:54 AM Solo Teen TOXIC Ellie Paige Dance Company
643 08:57 AM Solo Teen ALL RIGHT Industry Dance
644 09:00 AM Solo Teen MEDICINE Focal Point Dance Studios
645 09:03 AM Solo Teen WOODS 5th Dimension Dance Center
646 09:06 AM Solo Teen RIVER OF TEARS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
647 09:09 AM Solo Teen MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
648 09:12 AM Solo Teen PICK POCKET Dancers Training Spot
649 09:15 AM Solo Teen WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS Movement Montana
650 09:18 AM Solo Teen UNKNOW Empower Dance - Studio Acct
651 09:21 AM Solo Teen BIRD GIRL Movement Montana
652 09:24 AM Solo Teen TWICE Focal Point Dance Studios
653 09:27 AM Solo Teen PAPARAZZI Soul Studios
654 09:30 AM Solo Teen THE WALKING Dance Universe
655 09:33 AM Solo Teen THE NIGHT WE MET Empower Dance - Studio Acct
___ 09:36 AM Judges Break
656 09:46 AM Solo Teen CHANGES Dancing Plus
657 09:49 AM Solo Teen PAST LIFE Dana's Studio of Dance
659 09:52 AM Solo Teen WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES Focal Point Dance Studios
660 09:55 AM Solo Teen WALKING New Era Athletic Dance Facility
661 09:58 AM Solo Teen DESIRE Industry Dance
662 10:01 AM Solo Teen GYPSY GONE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
663 10:04 AM Solo Teen SLIDE Warehouse Dance Complex
664 10:07 AM Solo Teen OCEAN The Habitat Performing Arts Center
665 10:10 AM Solo Teen BIG IN JAPAN 5th Dimension Dance Center
666 10:13 AM Solo Teen DAY IN AND DAY OUT Warehouse Dance Complex
667 10:16 AM Solo Teen MAD WORLD Empower Dance - Studio Acct
668 10:19 AM Solo Teen ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT Warehouse Dance Complex
669 10:22 AM Solo Teen WHEN I WAS OLDER Erie Dance Theater
670 10:25 AM Solo Teen SOON 5th Dimension Dance Center
671 10:28 AM Solo Teen CAPE CANAVERAL North Austin Dance Artists
672 10:31 AM Solo Teen ALUMINUM American Expression of Dance
673 10:34 AM Solo Teen THIS PLACE IS A SHELTER Ellie Paige Dance Company
674 10:37 AM Solo Teen REMEDY American Expression of Dance
675 10:40 AM Solo Teen COLLISION Focal Point Dance Studios
676 10:43 AM Solo Teen WIDOWED Warehouse Dance Complex
677 10:46 AM Solo Teen POWER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
678 10:49 AM Solo Teen I AM GOING AWAY SMILING Dance Universe
679 10:52 AM Solo Teen KILLER & THE SOUND Dance Mechanics
680 10:55 AM Solo Teen I'LL BE FOUND Dance Universe
681 10:58 AM Solo Teen SOMEBODY ELSE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
682 11:01 AM Solo Teen FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT Movement Montana
683 11:04 AM Solo Teen NOCTURNE Dance Mechanics
684 11:07 AM Solo Teen LIFE ON MARS Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio
685 11:10 AM Solo Teen HOLD ON TIGHT Dancing Plus
686 11:13 AM Solo Teen DEAREST Warehouse Dance Complex
687 11:16 AM Solo Teen WEIRD GOODBYE Encore Dance Theatre
688 11:19 AM Solo Teen ON THE HORIZON Dance Mechanics
690 11:22 AM Solo Teen RECOVERY Empower Dance - Studio Acct
691 11:25 AM Solo Teen LOOKING FOR LOVE Soul Studios
692 11:28 AM Solo Teen INNER CHILD The Habitat Performing Arts Center
693 11:31 AM Solo Teen TAKE ME TO THE SUN Dancing Plus
694 11:34 AM Solo Teen WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HEART AVANTI Dance Company
695 11:37 AM Solo Teen MUTUAL COORDINATES Soul Studios
696 11:40 AM Solo Teen ALWAYS A WOMAN Dancing Plus
697 11:43 AM Solo Teen DECEIVED ME Soul Studios
697A 11:46 AM Solo Teen D'AMOUR New Jersey Dance Fusion
698 11:49 AM Solo Teen PAISAJES Dance Academy Monterrey
699 11:52 AM Solo Teen RADIATOR 5th Dimension Dance Center
700 11:55 AM Solo Teen NEVER WILL The Habitat Performing Arts Center
701 11:58 AM Solo Teen SHOUT Ellie Paige Dance Company
702 12:01 PM Solo Teen I APOLOGIZE Dancers Corner
703 12:04 PM Solo Teen NO FACE Focal Point Dance Studios
704 12:07 PM Solo Teen FLOWERS Ellie Paige Dance Company
___ 12:10 PM Judges Break
705 12:20 PM Solo Teen SWANILDA VARIATION ACT III Warehouse Dance Complex
706 12:23 PM Solo Teen I AM Dance Mechanics
707 12:26 PM Solo Teen CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE Warehouse Dance Complex
708 12:29 PM Solo Teen BEAUTIFUL THING Dance Mechanics
709 12:32 PM Solo Teen CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE Dancing Plus
710 12:35 PM Solo Teen CLOWN Dance Mechanics
711 12:38 PM Solo Teen REMEDY Focal Point Dance Studios
712 12:41 PM Solo Teen MY WAY Dance Mechanics
713 12:44 PM Solo Teen AROUND YOU Dancing Plus
714 12:47 PM Solo Teen NOBODY'S WATCHING Dance Mechanics
715 12:50 PM Solo Teen A LETTER TO ALL I LOVE BBharts Performing Arts
716 12:53 PM Solo Teen YOURS Dance Mechanics
717 12:56 PM Solo Teen MEETING AGAIN Dancing Plus
718 12:59 PM Solo Teen I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN Dance Mechanics
719 01:02 PM Solo Teen PAPA CAN YOU HEAR ME 5th Dimension Dance Center
720 01:05 PM Solo Teen YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW ME Dance Mechanics
721 01:08 PM Solo Teen LOST The Habitat Performing Arts Center
722 01:11 PM Solo Teen SAFE PLACE Palmetto En Pointe
723 01:14 PM Solo Teen IT'S ALWAYS BEEN YOU Dance Mechanics
724 01:17 PM Solo Teen MOVEMENT The Habitat Performing Arts Center
725 01:20 PM Solo Teen RAPTURE Dance Mechanics
725A 01:23 PM Solo Teen HAPPINESS IS A BUTTERFLY Dancing Plus
726 01:26 PM Solo Teen FOR ME BBharts Performing Arts
727 01:29 PM Solo Teen IF BY CHANCE Dance Mechanics
728 01:32 PM Solo Teen GRAVITY Dancing Plus
729 01:35 PM Solo Teen MATILDA 5th Dimension Dance Center
730 01:38 PM Solo Teen IF I SHOULD LOSE YOU Dancing Plus
731 01:41 PM Solo Teen ONE IN A MILLION Warehouse Dance Complex
___ 01:44 PM Awards
02:29 PM BREAK
732 03:00 PM Solo Junior BETWEEN THE STARS Move Dance Family
733 03:03 PM Solo Junior LITTLE GIRLS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
734 03:06 PM Solo Junior YESTERDAY Dancing Plus
735 03:09 PM Solo Junior BETTER DAYS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
736 03:12 PM Solo Junior BEAUTY Dancing Plus
737 03:15 PM Solo Junior GROWING PAINS Dance Universe
738 03:18 PM Solo Junior 6 TO 10 Empower Dance - Studio Acct
739 03:21 PM Solo Junior SO IT IS 5th Dimension Dance Center
740 03:24 PM Solo Junior COLORBLIND Dancing Plus
741 03:27 PM Solo Junior THE GOOD YEARS Dance Universe
742 03:30 PM Solo Junior THE SUN SET K&D Company
743 03:33 PM Solo Junior RUNNING UP THAT HILL 5th Dimension Dance Center
744 03:36 PM Solo Junior ALL I KNOW SO FAR Empower Dance - Studio Acct
745 03:39 PM Solo Junior TIL YOU SAY SO Dancing Plus
746 03:42 PM Solo Junior BIG GOD Dance Universe
747 03:45 PM Solo Junior "SEARCHING OBLIVION" Move Dance Family
748 03:48 PM Solo Junior DEJA VU Focal Point Dance Studios
749 03:51 PM Solo Junior IT'S KNOW ME WELL Artistic Designs Dance Company LLC
750 03:54 PM Solo Junior TINY DANCER Dancing Plus
751 03:57 PM Solo Junior BURN YOUR LIFE DOWN 5th Dimension Dance Center
752 04:00 PM Solo Junior DRIFT Dance Mechanics
753 04:03 PM Solo Junior MOMENTO MORI Ellie Paige Dance Company
754 04:06 PM Solo Junior SWIM GOOD 5th Dimension Dance Center
755 04:09 PM Solo Junior ABSENCE Dance Du Coeur
756 04:12 PM Solo Junior DARK VOYAGE The Habitat Performing Arts Center
757 04:15 PM Solo Junior MORE THAN MACHINERY Dance Du Coeur
758 04:18 PM Solo Junior I KNOW A PLACE Focal Point Dance Studios
759 04:21 PM Solo Junior HOLD MY HAND Warehouse Dance Complex
761 04:24 PM Solo Junior STARRY NIGHT 5th Dimension Dance Center
762 04:27 PM Solo Junior THE ONE Focal Point Dance Studios
763 04:30 PM Solo Junior MIND GAMES Ellie Paige Dance Company
764 04:33 PM Solo Junior TIDERAYS Dancing Plus
765 04:36 PM Solo Junior WALKING IN MEMPHIS 5th Dimension Dance Center
766 04:39 PM Solo Junior RUN Dancing Plus
767 04:42 PM Solo Junior CAPSIZE Dance Mechanics
768 04:45 PM Solo Junior CLEAN 5th Dimension Dance Center
769 04:48 PM Solo Junior FLUME Ellie Paige Dance Company
770 04:51 PM Solo Junior BIRD GIRL Dancing Plus
771 04:54 PM Solo Junior AVE MARIA Soul Studios
772 04:57 PM Solo Junior OLD DAYS Palmetto En Pointe
773 05:00 PM Solo Junior GOLIATH Ellie Paige Dance Company
774 05:03 PM Solo Junior WAKE UP Empower Dance - Studio Acct
776 05:06 PM Solo Junior THE FILCHER APA ELITE
777 05:09 PM Solo Junior MY WINGS Dance Universe
778 05:12 PM Solo Junior YOU Movement Montana
778A 05:15 PM Solo Junior 1953 Empower Dance - Studio Acct
779 05:18 PM Solo Junior BY YOUR SIDE Dancing Plus
780 05:21 PM Solo Junior THESE HANDS Dance Universe
781 05:24 PM Solo Junior SOLDIER Dancing Plus
___ 05:27 PM Judges Break
782 05:37 PM Solo Junior LOST Movement Montana
783 05:40 PM Solo Junior RAMBLING MAN Dancing Plus
784 05:43 PM Solo Junior LANDFILL RJ's Dance Studios- Chesterfield
786 05:46 PM Solo Junior YOU'RE NO GOOD Dance Unlimited
787 05:49 PM Solo Junior EMOTION AVANTI Dance Company
787A 05:52 PM Solo Junior AS YOU TURN TO GO New Jersey Dance Fusion
788 05:55 PM Solo Junior PEOPLE WATCHING Empower Dance - Studio Acct
789 05:58 PM Solo Junior FOOL'S GOLD Dancing Plus
790 06:01 PM Solo Junior PLACES 5th Dimension Dance Center
791 06:04 PM Solo Junior CRY ME A RIVER Ellie Paige Dance Company
792 06:07 PM Solo Junior THIS IS WAR Movement Montana
793 06:10 PM Solo Junior THE FORGOTTEN CHILD Mpact Dance Project
794 06:13 PM Solo Junior FOR YOU TO BE HERE Dancing Plus
795 06:16 PM Solo Junior HERO Dana's Studio of Dance
796 06:19 PM Solo Junior BONES Movement Montana
796A 06:22 PM Solo Junior JUST LIKE ME New Jersey Dance Fusion
797 06:25 PM Solo Junior VIOLENCE BROKEN Dv8 Dance Complex
798 06:28 PM Solo Junior MY OWN HERO Empower Dance - Studio Acct
799 06:31 PM Solo Junior NEVER LET ME GO The Habitat Performing Arts Center
800 06:34 PM Solo Junior BOTH SIDES NOW AVANTI Dance Company
801 06:37 PM Solo Junior DEPENDS ON THE NUMBER OF MAGPIES The Habitat Performing Arts Center
802 06:40 PM Solo Junior LA VIE EN ROSE Encore Dance Theatre
803 06:43 PM Solo Junior BONES Dancing Plus
804 06:46 PM Solo Junior ANYMORE AVANTI Dance Company
805 06:49 PM Solo Junior HERE COMES THE CHANGE Dancing Plus
806 06:52 PM Solo Junior CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT Dance Mechanics
807 06:55 PM Solo Junior BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOYS Empower Dance - Studio Acct
808 06:58 PM Solo Junior NEVER GETTING RID OF ME 5th Dimension Dance Center
809 07:01 PM Solo Junior BEAT GOES ON Dance Mechanics
810 07:04 PM Solo Junior I MISS YOU, DADDY Ellie Paige Dance Company
811 07:07 PM Solo Junior EVERY HEART Dance Mechanics
812 07:10 PM Solo Junior BY THE WINGS Soul Studios
813 07:13 PM Solo Junior FIELDS OF GOLD Yackel Dance Studio
814 07:16 PM Solo Junior SHE USED TO BE MINE Dancing Plus
815 07:19 PM Solo Junior WHEN YOU WISH... Focal Point Dance Studios
816 07:22 PM Solo Junior FIELDS OF GOLD Dancing Plus
817 07:25 PM Solo Junior CRIPPLED BIRD 5th Dimension Dance Center
818 07:28 PM Solo Junior EYE OF THE STORM Dancing Plus
819 07:31 PM Solo Junior FOLLOW THE SUN Palmetto En Pointe
820 07:34 PM Solo Junior THE END OF LOVE Ellie Paige Dance Company
821 07:37 PM Solo Junior YELLOW Dance Mechanics
822 07:40 PM Solo Junior SKINNY LOVE Empower Dance - Studio Acct
823 07:43 PM Solo Junior HEY JUPITER Dancing Plus
824 07:46 PM Solo Junior LOVELY Dance Mechanics
825 07:49 PM Solo Junior I SURRENDER Empower Dance - Studio Acct
826 07:52 PM Solo Junior BLUE SKIES Dance Mechanics
827 07:55 PM Solo Junior IMAGINE Dancing Plus
828 07:58 PM Solo Junior SALVATION Dance Mechanics
829 08:01 PM Solo Junior THE WHISPERER Dancing Plus
830 08:04 PM Solo Junior MY OH MY Dance Mechanics
831 08:07 PM Solo Junior KEEP YOUR HEAD UP Empower Dance - Studio Acct
832 08:10 PM Solo Junior CALLING Ellie Paige Dance Company
___ 08:13 PM Judges Break
833 08:23 PM Solo Junior CUPID Dancing Plus
834 08:26 PM Solo Junior AURORA Dancing Plus
835 08:29 PM Solo Junior NIKYA'S ENTRANCE Dancing Plus
836 08:32 PM Solo Junior THE SPELL Trendz Dance
837 08:35 PM Solo Junior SHAKE THE ROOM Dancing Plus
838 08:38 PM Solo Junior HARPER'S SWING 5th Dimension Dance Center
839 08:41 PM Solo Junior JUST IN TIME Warehouse Dance Complex
840 08:44 PM Solo Junior GET READY Dance Mechanics
841 08:47 PM Solo Junior NO BROKE BOYS Pure Movement Dance
842 08:50 PM Solo Junior DIVA The Habitat Performing Arts Center
843 08:53 PM Solo Junior MALAMENTE BBharts Performing Arts
844 08:56 PM Solo Junior MY LOVE Dancing Plus
845 08:59 PM Solo Junior POISON IVY 5th Dimension Dance Center
846 09:02 PM Solo Junior SPARKLING DIAMONDS Dance Mechanics
847 09:05 PM Solo Junior FLASHLIGHT Dancing Plus
848 09:08 PM Solo Junior WHERE WERE YOU Dance Mechanics
849 09:11 PM Solo Junior STAND UP Ellie Paige Dance Company
850 09:14 PM Solo Junior FOR REAL Dance Mechanics
851 09:17 PM Solo Junior MY POWER Dancing Plus
852 09:20 PM Solo Junior JOGA 5th Dimension Dance Center
853 09:23 PM Solo Junior THE GREATEST Dancing Plus
854 09:26 PM Solo Junior SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW Dance Mechanics
855 09:29 PM Solo Junior BLACKBIRD Dancing Plus
856 09:32 PM Solo Junior UNDER GIANT TREES The Habitat Performing Arts Center
857 09:35 PM Solo Junior ACID Ellie Paige Dance Company
858 09:38 PM Solo Junior DON'T LET ME GO Dancing Plus
859 09:41 PM Solo Junior WILD HORSES 5th Dimension Dance Center
860 09:44 PM Solo Junior BLINDING Dancing Plus
861 09:47 PM Solo Junior I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE Dance Mechanics
862 09:50 PM Solo Junior LOVE ME TENDER Dancing Plus
863 09:53 PM Solo Junior TIGHTROPE Dance Mechanics
864 09:56 PM Solo Junior UNWRITTEN Dancing Plus
865 09:59 PM Solo Junior HEART STRINGS Industry Dance
866 10:02 PM Solo Junior PICKPOCKET Dancing Plus
867 10:05 PM Solo Junior BLOOD FOR BLOOD Pure Movement Dance
868 10:08 PM Solo Junior PUT YOUR RECORDS ON Dancing Plus
869 10:11 PM Solo Junior THE UNVEILING Dance Universe
870 10:14 PM Solo Junior THULE Dancing Plus
872 10:17 PM Solo Junior CREEP Dance Mechanics
873 10:20 PM Solo Junior NEW ORLEANS AVANTI Dance Company
874 10:23 PM Solo Junior WITH A FIST Dancing Plus
875 10:26 PM Solo Junior NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY The Habitat Performing Arts Center
876 10:29 PM Solo Junior AI AI AI Dana's Studio of Dance
877 10:32 PM Solo Junior CONTROL AVANTI Dance Company
878 10:35 PM Solo Junior COLORED DREAM The Habitat Performing Arts Center
879 10:38 PM Solo Junior GHOSTS Dancing Plus
880 10:41 PM Solo Junior THESE DAYS Encore Dance Theatre
881 10:44 PM Solo Junior BORN WITHOUT A HEART Dancing Plus
___ 10:47 PM Awards