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 Jensen Freedman is the girl you want to tap dance with and immediately after graduating high school she would become a paid tap dancer and known as a hardworking dance assistant. 

From dancing under director Gregg Russell for “Tap Sounds Underground”  she would soak in all of the teaching material and try to understand the vision of the entire production while tap dancing in a large groupe or as a soloist.

The next position that brought Jensen acclimations was becoming assistant to Ryan Lohoff’s company and act as leading lady in tap films by “Rithem Dance Company.”  

The best advice she follows is to stay connected with people who made you. At the age of 13 she found home: “Tap Into the Network Intensive/ TITN.”  Along with Gregg Russell and Ryan Lohoff there is a special woman Jensen has learned from, Angela Carter. For 10 years Jensen would take TITN training and created her position:  first hired and paid traveling assistant for this company. Jensen shares that she doesn’t put limits to herself or her students. She tries to do 10 things in a week that are out of her comfort zone so that shows she is willing to make you feel comfortable even when you are lost in tap class. If you love it, she will be your greatest friend.

Tap Into The Network.

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