Intrigue Improv


Improv Details

  1. Four age divisions – Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior
  2. Music is randomly chosen for each dancer
  3. 45 seconds to dance with a 10 second countdown
  4. Winner in each age division
  5. Winners receive a $25.00 gift card to Intrigue/Hype and an Exclusive T-shirt!
  6. Limited Space

Improv Length
45 seconds

countdown length
10 seconds

Per Dancer


**Registration for Improv will close 7 days prior to an event. Any Improv sign ups from that day forward will be charged a late fee.**


Improv Competition

Intrigue introduced the Improv Competition in 2010 that sparked a growing trend in the competitive improv market. Our approach to improv keeps the atmosphere friendly and supportive towards every contestant.

Age Averaging Clarification

NOTE: All ages are as of JANUARY 1, 2020.

  • MINI
    Ages 8 and under

    Ages 9 – 12

  • TEEN
    Ages 13 – 15

    Ages 16 – 21