Challenge Details

  1. Two to three dancers max
  2. Three age divisions – Junior, Teen, Senior
  3. Intrigue supplied music
  4. 60-90 seconds to collaborate choreography
  5. Competes within the adjudicated competition hours
  6. Winner in each age division
  7. Dancers in the winning entry will receive a $15.00 gift card to Intrigue/Hype and an exclusive T-Shirt!
  8. Limited Space
Challenge Song Length
60 - 90 seconds

Age Divisions
3 Levels

Per Dancer


Age Averaging Clarification

To find the appropriate age category for your routine, simply add all the dancers’ ages as of the start date of competition and divide by the number dancers in the entry. When finding the average age of your routine always remove the decimal point. For example if an average age returns a number of 15.8, remove the .8 to have an average age of 15. Therefore, your number would be placed under the Teen Division, Ages 13-15. NOTE: All ages are as of JANUARY 1, 2020.

    Ages 9 – 12

  • TEEN
    Ages 13 – 15

    Ages 16 – 21

Collaborative Concept Challenge

Intrigue is introducing a brand new element to add to the exploration and discovery of a young artists creative path. Our Collaborative Concept Challenge will delve into the complex process of choreography, conceptuality and captivation. A collaborative experience that allows you to set a piece of choreography that is completely your own where your artistry, vision and creativity are the only tools at your fingertips.