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Below are options to add additional items and creative elements to your Intrigue experience.

Improv Competition

With limited space and music chosen at random, the Improv Competition manifests creativity and artistry. 

Sidekick Improv

We’re seeing double! Everything you love about our Solo Improv in a team format. Grab your partner, form a team name, and improv together from our randomly chosen playlist.

If you'd like to sign up for any (or all) of these experiences, please check the "Yes" button on each of the next four screens. Then, once you've decided on which to purchase, you'll be taken to the check out section.

Improv Competition

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Sidekick Improv

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Improv Competition: $[field19].00

Collaborative Concept Challenge: $[field44].00

$ [field12 + field19 + field44 + field81]
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