SideKick Improv Competition

General Information

  • Only at Nationals
  • Everything you love about our Solo Improv now in Team format
  • Two age divisions – 12 & under, 13 & up
  • Your personalized SideKick Team name will distinguish you and your partner from the competition
  • Dance together solely on the music you hear and feel
  • Contact, lifts, floor work, utilizing the stage are all encouraged
  • Choreographed routines will not be considered for winner. Preset opening pose and theme is accepted.
  • Music is randomly chosen for each team (Song titles will be posted on our website prior to event)
  • 45 seconds to dance
  • Each Dancer has a 10 second audio countdown
  • Winner in each age division
  • Winning team receives a $100.00 gift card to Intrigue/Hype!
**Registration for Improv will close 7 days prior to an event. Any Improv sign ups from that day forward will be charged a late fee.**

SideKick Improv Competition

We’re seeing double! Everything you love about our Solo Improv in a team format. Grab your partner, form a team name, and improv together from our randomly chosen playlist.

Only At Nationals

Competition Division & Fees

$40.00 per dancer | 45 second Improv


To find the appropriate age division for your team, simply add both dancers’ ages as of the start date of competition and divide by two. When finding the average age of your team always remove the decimal point. For example if an average age returns a number of 15.8, remove the .8 to have an average age of 15. Therefore, your team would be placed under the 13 & up division. NOTE: All ages are as of JANUARY 1, 2019.