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Jump into the Director spotlight with our Imagination Competition!

Imagination Competition

  1. Imagination is our Young Choreography Competition for ages 13 – 21
  2. Choreograph and design your set
  3. Light your routine alongside our professional lighting technician
  4. Minimum of 2 dancers per routine
  5. Maximum of 5 entries per regional city *may vary per city
  6. Winner receives an award and showcases their routine during the Finale Showcase
  7. A creation of your own inspiration and imagination!

Minimum of

Limit of
entries per city

Per Dancer


Imagination Competition

Tell us your story. Intrigue is proud to engage dancers to produce, set the stage, light, and direct their own routines as part of the Imagination Competition.

Age Averaging Clarification

All ages are as of JANUARY 1, 2017.

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